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Townhall Tactic 2013: Why do you want to deport my daddy?

Posted August 20, 2013

Exploiting children to achieve full amnesty — Actual question asked of Rep. Tom Reed: “Would you consider adopting one of those kids?”


Combating the Left’s Information Warfare Campaign

Posted August 20, 2013

Combating the Left's Information War CampaignThis article describes an Information Warfare Operationbeing orchestrated by the Left.  It is characterized by well-designed themes and memes, effective delivery, and advanced with MSM propagation. 

Not too confrontational, it uses fundamental American emotional buttons: family, kindness, and compassionate justice. It worms its way into the national psyche, one snippet at a time. The operation is funded, organized, and supported by the usual suspects; it’s coordinated with press organizations to carry the themes forward and propagate the message for as long as possible.

It starts with a question like this: “What are you going to do to stop the separation of families, for those of us that live in fear everyday due to unjust deportations?”

It’s a well-crafted question – a clever riposte for which we have not an effective parry. 

We are at war. Our efforts just do not match the opposition.


If ObamaCare is good for average Americans, it is good for ALL Politicians and their workers

Posted August 20, 2013

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Law signed banning counseling, therapy for youth struggling with homosexuality

Posted August 20, 2013

Reiterating his belief that homosexuality is 'not a sin,' the Republican governor of New Jersey signed a bill into law on Monday that bans the use of conversion or reparative therapy, or to otherwise help youth who are struggling with homosexual feelings to overcome their temptations.

Governor Chris Christie's office released a statement during the day outlining that Assembly Bill 3371 had been signed into law following its passage in both state houses in June.

Text of the bill notes that the law bans "the practice of seeking to change a person's sexual orientation, including, but not limited to, efforts to change behaviors, gender identity, or gender expressions, or to reduce or eliminate sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward a person of the same gender."


State Rep. Joe Carr announces Alexander challenge

Posted August 20, 2013

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - State Rep. Joe Carr says he will challenge incumbent Lamar Alexander for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate next year.

The decision to challenge Alexander means Carr will abandon his bid to oust incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais (day-zhar-LAY') in the 4th Congressional District.


Obama administration asks Supreme Court to allow warrantless cellphone searches

Posted August 20, 2013

If the police arrest you, do they need a warrant to rifle through your cellphone? Courts have been split on the question. Last week the Obama administration asked the Supreme Court to resolve the issue and rule that the Fourth Amendment allows warrantless cellphone searches.

In 2007, the police arrested a Massachusetts man who appeared to be selling crack cocaine from his car. The cops seized his cellphone and noticed that it was receiving calls from “My House.” They opened the phone to determine the number for “My House.” That led them to the man’s home, where the police found drugs, cash and guns.

The defendant was convicted, but on appeal he argued that accessing the information on his cellphone without a warrant violated his Fourth Amendment rights. Earlier this year, the First Circuit Court of Appeals accepted the man’s argument, ruling that the police should have gotten a warrant before accessing any information on the man’s phone.

The Obama Administration disagrees.


Obama Has Blown Half Of Obamacare's Legal Deadlines

Posted August 20, 2013

The Obama Administration has missed 41 of 82 legally imposed implementation deadlines, according to a confidential Congressional Research Service memo. 

The memo, obtained by Avik Roy of Forbes, reveals the litany of blown benchmarks:

As of May 31, 2013, when the CRS analysis was completed, the White House had yet to meet 9 of 12 deadlines from the first year after the Affordable Care Act was enacted. It failed to meet 22 of 53 deadlines in the second year; another 8 became moot after Congress did not appropriate funds to complete the assigned tasks. In year three, the administration missed 10 out of 17 deadlines. That’s a total of 41 out of 82 deadlines missed.

If you exclude the 9 deadlines that became moot because Congress never appropriated the funds to meet them, the Obama administration missed 41 out of 73 deadlines, or 56 percent.


Immigration Reform News

Posted August 20, 2013

McCain in 2004: Illegal Immigration 'Threat to Our National Security'

The Work Versus Welfare Trade-Off 2013

Posted August 20, 2013

An Analysis of the Total Level of Welfare Benefits by State

by Michael Tanner & Charles Hughes ~ CATO Institute

Click for PDF file

State Department closes Cairo embassy, urges Americans to leave Egypt

Posted August 16, 2013

The State Department issued a new travel warning Thursday afternoon calling on U.S. citizens to leave Egypt as soon as possible because of the military’s bloody crackdown in the country that has taken the lives of 638 people.

Americans who choose to stay should avoid all demonstrations in Egypt, the State Department said, “as even peaceful ones can quickly become violent, and a foreigner could become a target of harassment or worse.”


The White House of Cards Scandal Coverage

NSA Scandal

Posted August 20, 2013

Guardian chief says UK destroyed hard drives to stop Snowden secrets

Guardian says UK forced it to destroy 'Snowden files'


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Konni Burton Racking Up Tea Party Endorsements

Posted August 20, 2013

Today, Konni Burton continued to establish herself as the clear alternative to Wendy Davis in announcing strong support from conservative activists across Texas, largely from inside Senate District 10.

Janna Easton endorsed Konni saying, “Konni Burton is one of the hardest workers in the conservative movement. I couldn’t be more excited about her run for SD10. Conservatives are united behind her, and we’re ready to win in March and fire Wendy Davis in November!”

Allan Solmon endorsed Konni Burton saying, “I’m proud to endorse Konni. As a personal friend and someone who’s been in the political trenches with her for a number of years, I can think of no one better to send to Austin to fight for Texas values.”

Toby Marie Walker endorsed Konni saying, “While Wendy Davis has been busy raising money in Washington D.C., buddying up to lobbyists and the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Konni has been hard at work on the campaign trail. This race won’t be bought by outside money but by voters motivated to defend the sanctity of life and economic freedom. That’s why I am proud to endorse Konni Burton for Senate.”

Read more http://www.teaparty911.com/blog/konni-burton-racking-up-tea-party-endorsements/

AFL-CIO to make major unionization push in Texas

Posted August 19, 2013

Texas was the very first state in the union to pass a “right to work” law making it illegal for union contracts to mandate that all of a company’s workers join a union or at least pay dues to one.

It did this in 1943, four years before Congress passed the Taft-Hartley Act, affirming states could pass such laws. Texas remains synonymous with Big Business conservatism today.

Nevertheless, the AFL-CIO apparently thinks the ground has shifted in the Lone Star State enough to make a serious organizing push there worthwhile.


U.S. Amnesty Shelters Revealed: Law Enforcement Ordered to Stand Down (Video)

Posted August 19, 2013

El Paso, Texas -- The El Paso Rescue Mission shelter stands approximately 100 yards from the U.S./Mexico border. Border Patrol agents have been ordered by their higher-ups not to go there and enforce U.S. laws on the property, according to the Vice President of the Local 1929 Border Patrol Council, Stu Harris.


Konni Burton Slams Wendy Davis on Abortion

Posted August 15, 2013

It’s time for Texans to take back the conversation about the right to life in Texas. Wendy Davis would like you to think her far-left crusade is about women’s rights, but in reality Wendy and her allies purposely ignore the thousands of women who can never be heard.

On the issue of life, there can be no question. Wendy Davis can try to raise her profile and dredge up D.C. dollars by defending the barbaric practice of late-term abortion, but that’s never going to reflect the values of Texas. What’s more, Wendy knows it. I’m ready to do battle with Wendy Davis on every issue, but I’m asking you to share the video below with your friends and family today. It’s important we inform Wendy Davis that Texans stand for life – not with Wendy. ~ Konni Burton

Read more: http://www.teaparty911.com/blog/konni-burton-slams-wendy-davis-on-abortion-video/

More at the Konni Burton for Texas Senate Campaign Website

Empower Texans Releases Their Fiscal Responsibility Index Rating Texas State Legislators

Posted August 15, 2013

Empower Texans Must See Fiscal Responsibility Index RatingThe Fiscal Responsibility Index is a measurement of how lawmakers perform on size and role of government issues. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility uses exemplar votes on core budget and free enterprise issues that demonstrate legislators’ governing philosophy.

TEA Party 911 Editor's Note: This is an excellent tool to gauge how your State Representative or Senator rated on fiscal issues. An example is District 10 Representative Jim Pitts who rated an abysmal 29.7 out of a possible 100. If I was in District 10, I would be diligently seeking a replacement for Pitts.

See how your Representative or Senator rated at Empower Texans: http://www.empowertexans.com/index/

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