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EXCLUSIVE: Breitbart News Network to Cover DC March for Jobs Immigration Rally LIVE

The Black American Leadership Alliance announced today that they have granted Breitbart News Network the exclusive rights to broadcast the DC March for Jobs Rally live on July 15.

Posted July 12, 2013

Breitbart News Network Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon will host 5 hours of live coverage of the event from Capitol Hill beginning at 11AM EDT. Coverage will continue until 4PM. Bannon will be joined by Breitbart contributor and Tea Party firebrand Sonnie Johnson and Sirius XM radio host David Webb. The live coverage will also include speakers from the rally, and Black American Leadership Alliance founder Leah Durant will join the broadcast at 1PM.

The Rally is the first time a major protest unites Conservatives, Tea Party stalwarts, and Progressives in a fight focused on their collective opposition to the immigration bill recently passed by the Senate and currently under consideration in the House.


Feds Shake Down Farmer for Free Raisins

A California raisin farmer is facing bankruptcy for defying a law requiring him to give the government a portion of his raisin crop without compensation.  

Posted July 12, 2013

According to a Washington Post report, Marvin Horne, 68, stopped giving the government his raisins in 2002 and now "owes the U.S. government at least $650,000 in unpaid fines," in addition to "1.2 million pounds of unpaid raisins, roughly equal to his entire harvest for four years."

Horne violated Marketing Order 989, passed during the Truman administration, "a federal regulation meant to solve a problem from the era after World War II, which created the national raisin reserve. The program gives the U.S. government a heavy-handed power to interfere with the supply and demand for dried grapes" and takes "away a percentage of every farmer’s raisins" without paying for them. The law has been described as one that gives the government the power to operate a cartel. 

The government can save the raisins, sell them to foreigners, throw them away, or even feed them to animals -- so long as they are off the domestic market.


Immigration Reform News

Posted July 12, 2013


Reid blocks own immigration bill from House vote

The Death of Amnesty 2013

Legal And Illegal Immigrants Gain At Native-Born Expense

GOP Has Nothing To Fear From Doing Nothing On Immigration

Obama touts immigration as an economic boost

Posted July 11, 2013

Immigration bill puts Marco Rubio in hot water with tea party

Reid admits Senate-passed amnesty bill is unconstitutional

House GOP may not act on immigration reform until fall

What will happen to the missing millions of immigration reform?

Posted July 10, 2013

Poll: Hispanics Want Border Security, Interior Enforcement Before Amnesty

A Guide to Wednesday's Immigration Conference Meeting

Posted July 9, 2013

Yates Walker: The tea party's only move - Stop John Boehner

Bush says immigration reform 'complex,' optimistic Congress can fix 'broken system'

Posted July 8, 2013

McCain: 'We Hope and Pray' House GOP Will Take Up Senate Immigration Bill

Elizabeth Warren introduces new Glass-Steagall bill with bipartisan support

Posted July 12, 2013

A bipartisan group of senators led by Massachusetts freshman Democrat Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill Thursday to reinstate the Great Depression-era Glass-Steagall law that would separate commercial from investment banks.

Speaking at a Senate Banking Committee hearing on the implementation of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, Warren said that the point of her bill was “keeping the gamblers out of our banks.” Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., and Angus King, I-Maine, are co-sponsoring the measure.

The new Glass-Steagall provision, intended to counter the threat of too-big-to-fail banks, would separate banks that offer savings and checking accounts to consumers from firms that engage in other, riskier financial services, such as investment banking and hedge fund management. The non-commercial banks would not be insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.


Related story: McCain drafts Warren for his Glass-Steagall revival project

The White House of Cards Scandal Coverage


Posted July 8, 2013

Republicans want to talk to Col. George Bristol about Benghazi

Fast and Furious

Posted July 8, 2013

Police chief killed with rifle lost in ATF gun-tracking program

Report: Two more killings traced to missing Fast & Furious guns

IRS Scandal

Posted July 12, 2013

Republicans frustrated by Democratic attempts to block IRS legislation

Posted July 9, 2013

How three attempts by Democrats to put out the IRS fire have only fanned the flames

IRS scandal will prevent Obamacare implementation from being fully funded

Posted July 8, 2013

Potentially explosive development in IRS scandals

Congressman: IRS Scandal Will Widen to Leaks

NSA Scandal

Posted July 9, 2013

Obama Admin's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Collecting Credit Card Data

Posted July 8, 2013

Is the FISA Court more powerful than SCOTUS?

Did You Know Author Brad Thor Warned of the NSA Scandal in a Novel Last Year? He Tells Us How and Previews a Controversy He Says Is ‘Bigger’

EDITORIAL: The pocketbook spies - Big Brother knows what you spend on everything

Exclusive: Obama's NSA Operates on Two Sets of Books. Who is Watching the Watchers?

State Department Scandal

Posted July 8, 2013

Cameras Catch Mystery Break-In at Whistleblower's Law Firm

U.S. Embassy official in Guyana removed in alleged sex-for-visas swindle


Posted July 12, 2013 By Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,
Aku Press, LLC.

Albuquerque – 10 July 2013 – Orion Talk Radio Network's News Stalker (8:00-10:00 PM, Monday through Friday) - local broadcasters  and http://www.oriontalkradio.com/programs.htm - with Stephen Williams, Bob Green and Erich Headrick, will feature the very controversial General Bobby Farrell, former Supreme Commander, Pathfinders, this Friday evening for the full two-hour program.  Chat-room – http://www.oriontalkradio.com/ns.htm – will be open for all who cannot be accommodated on the call-in lines:  716-213-6816.

Subject matter will target documented facts exposing deliberate and knowing criminal activity by and between police, prosecutions and courts against two railroaded victims, Donald Miller, Gogebic County, Michigan and Darren Wesley Huff, Monroe County, Tennessee.  Named and identified police, prosecutions and court judges are documented accessories to and after the fact of manufactured evidences, false affidavits and open conspiracies in the railroadings of these two innocent men.

General Farrell will provide the one and only workable solution in all such cases; and FREE "How –To-Do-It" examples that listeners can instantly prove for themselves. General Farrell is globally recognized for his out-spoken, absolute truth, articles and commentaries that are as much political as they are scientific as they are religious.  He refuses to be politically-correct and is known for his raw humor.

House Passes Stripped-Down Farm Bill

Posted July 12, 2013

On Thursday afternoon, House GOP Leadership engineered final passage of a stripped-down Farm Bill. Getting there wasn't pretty. First, the Leadership removed all provisions related to the food stamp program, which comprises the overwhelming majority of spending in the bill. Then, last night, they waived their own rule that requires legislation to be available for 3 days before a final vote. The measure passed 216-208, with all the Democrats and just 12 Republicans voting against.


Ex-Sanford Police Chief Tells CNN He Was Fired For Not Arresting Zimmerman

Posted July 11, 2013

More at Zimmerman Trial is this Year's Duke Lacrosse Case By: Ann Coulter

Reid admits Senate-passed amnesty bill is unconstitutional

Posted July 11, 2013

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stockman today announced Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is refusing to transmit to the House an amnesty bill which passed the Senate two weeks ago, fearing it will be returned to the Senate on a “blue slip” resolution.

Stockman had promised to seek to automatically kill the Senate amnesty bill through the use of a blue slip resolution.

“Even Harry Reid now admits the Senate’s amnesty bill is unconstitutional and cannot become law.  Any bill that raises revenue must start in the House” said Stockman. “By creating their own amnesty taxes Senate Democrats broke the rules. Senate Democrats were so hell-bent on ramming through a gift to radical political activists they didn’t bother to check if it was even legal.” 

“They got caught trying to sneak an illegal bill past the Constitution’s borders,” said Stockman.


Docs: Justice Department facilitated anti-Zimmerman protests

Posted July 11, 2013

A division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) was deployed to Sanford, Florida in 2012 to provide assistance for anti-George Zimmerman protests, including a rally headlined by activist Al Sharpton, according to newly released documents.

The Community Relations Service (CRS), a unit of DOJ, reported expenses related to its deployment in Sanford to help manage protests between March and April 2012, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/07/10/doj-provided-security-for-anti-zimmerman-protests/#ixzz2YhWieTXJ

Trayvongate: Newest Obama Scandal is 17 Months Old

The newest Obama scandal is seventeen months old.

Posted July 11, 2013

Welcome to Trayvongate, where the President of the United States used both the bully pulpit, the Department of Justice and sly media manipulation to gin up charges of racism in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting. Now that the trial is almost finished and the only act of racism mentioned so far came from the victim--Martin called Zimmerman 'a creepy ass cracker' according to testimony--the cynical and repeated use of the race card by the White house is even more abhorrent.

Judicial Watch revealed documents today that proved what Breitbart News reported in April, 2012: that Eric Holder's Department of Justice took an active role in racially charged rallies in Sanford, Florida and that the Community Relations Service helped force the temporary resignation of Sheriff Bill Lee. That resignation made it appear that Sanford authorities were suspect and possibly complicit in covering up something.


George Soros Funding 'Nonpartisan' Attackers of Kansas Gov. Brownback

Posted July 11, 2013

Billionaire left-wing activist George Soros is bankrolling the "nonpartisan" attacks on Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's new judicial selection plan, according to the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity.

Two organizations in Kansas have led the charge against the Republican Governor's proposal, and both claim to be nonpartisan. But the two groups, Justice at Stake and the Kansas chapter of the League of Women Voters, are receiving vast sums from two of Soros' liberal organizations, according to the Franklin Center's KansasWatchdog.org. 

Brownback has been supporting changes to the state's process for appointing judges. Previously, Kansas judges were chosen by a commission made up of lawyers who are un-accountable to voters, but Brownback has been pushing the adoption of the federal model wherein judges are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate.


2014 battles begin: Tea Party groups oppose potential congressional candidate

Posted July 11, 2013

Tea Party groups in California have vowed to "actively oppose" former Rep. Doug Ose, R-Calif., if he decides to run for Congress in 2014. In a July 8, 2013, letter to Ose, a coalition that included the Sacramento Republican Assembly, Elk Grove Tea Party and the California state director of FairTax urged the former congressman not to run, citing several votes from his previous terms in Congress with which they disagreed.

"As you know, your record in Congress was not conservative," the groups wrote, citing Ose's votes supporting earmarks, reducing tax relief and giving Social Security benefits to illegal aliens.

"It's vitally important that [Rep.] Ami Bera [D-Calif.] is defeated next year. But it's even more important that the voters elect a congressman committed to protecting taxpayers and reducing the size and cost of the federal government. You are not that man," the letter said.


OOPS: IRS Accidentally Releases Thousands of Social Security Numbers

Posted July 9, 2013

Even when they aren't trying to do evil, the IRS is dangerous to the American people. According to a recent audit by Public.Resource.org, the Internal Revenue Service posted tens of thousands of social security numbers on its websites. Even worse they were social security numbers associated with non-profit 527 political organizations. The identifying numbers were on the Internet for less than 24 hours after being discovered, but the damage was done.

Every so often, 527s have to file tax forms to the IRS, which then get added to a database. The database itself is hardly a secret; the IRS has been sending updated records routinely to Public.Resource.org and other public-interest groups, this site has broken stories using the IRS Database (the Soros funding J-Street story for example).



Texas TEA Party Daily Briefing Texas Briefing


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Texas Senate To Take Up Pro-Life HB 2 Today

#Stand4LifeToday, the Texas Senate is scheduled to debate and vote on the pro-life omnibus bill, HB 2. This life-saving bill has now already passed the Texas House. A vote in the Texas Senate is the last stage for this legislation before it can be sent to Gov. Perry and signed into law. We know many Texans will want to be at the Texas Capitol in person for the vote on Friday, July 12. The Texas Senate will begin at 2 p.m., so we recommend you arrive much earlier to ensure you get a seat as space is limited and seats are sure to fill up quickly, likely by opponents (wearing orange) to HB 2 who could seek to obstruct the process. So, if you are able, make plans to be at the Capitol today and wear blue.

How You Can Help #Stand4Life in Texas:

1. Come to the Texas State Capitol, specifically the Texas Senate Gallery (3rd Floor), on Friday, and wear blue. *Please make plans to arrive as early as you can, as it will be very crowded, and please plan on staying late.

2. Call and email your State Senator and ask them to support the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill. Click here to find your representative and senator and send them a message.

3. Join the effort on Social Media and encourage your friends, family, and church to engage. Use the hashtag #Stand4Life on Twitter and stay up to date on our Facebook page.

4. Most importantly pray. 

Texas Senate Committee Passes Pro-Life Bill Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks

Posted July 12, 2013

A Texas state Senate committee has taken the next step in the process of getting a ban on late-term abortions in place in Texas. The panel approved the House-backed bill to stop abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Following the debate and vote, abortion activists at the committee hearing disrupted the committee by breaking into a protest song.

A collection of tweets describes some of the debate, the protest song, and national support the bill received today from former presidential candidate Rick Santorum.


DC March for Jobs & Anti-Amnesty Rally

To help to stop Congress' amnesty push, please join the Black American Leadership Alliance for our march on Washington on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. at Freedom Plaza as we demand that our leaders reject amnesty, and pass immigration policies that put Americans back to work. Click here to learn more about the event.

To register to attend the event, click here.
To reserve your bus seat, click here.


  • Only people registered will be allowed on the bus.
  • Busses will be departing 7/14 and returning 7/16.
  • The Days Inn will be offering room rates at $75+ tax.


Say “NO” to amnesty…loud and clear. Please register today.

More upcoming events

Second Amendment Revoked: The Unbelievable Reason Why This Army Vet Can’t Own a Gun

Posted July 12, 2013

An Army veteran in Texas is fighting for his Second Amendment rights after learning that a misdemeanor pot conviction from 1971 has disqualified him from ever owning a gun.

Ron Kelly, who retired from the Army in 1993 after 20 years of service, was recently turned away when he tried to buy a .22-cal rifle at a Wal-Mart in Tomball, Texas, after a computerized background check flagged the 42-year-old arrest. The story was on the front page of the Houston Chronicle on Wednesday.

Kelly said he had forgotten about his minor pot violation from high school — the federal government, on the other hand, has not.

The Army vet spent one night in jail and was given one year of probation. Though he didn’t realize it at the time, he was also apparently stripped of his Second Amendment rights for a lifetime.


GUILTY! Lumberton Councilman Don Burnett's Committee FINED by Texas for ILLEGAL $25,000 from Walmart (bribe?)

Posted July 12, 2013

Lumberton City Councilmen Don Burnett and Andy Kelley have had their political committee fined for serious violations of the law.

I filed the complaint months ago with the State of Texas Ethics Commission. This week I got a letter in the mail from the Texas Ethics Commission. The State of Texas concluded that the councilmen's committee, Keep Dollars in Lumberton Committee, violated Texas law by accepting $25,000 from Walmart and giving it to Texas Petition Strategies. The financial transaction was illegal because it was a behind the scenes massive money exchange that was done before the committee was even formed. It is illegal for a committee to accept or expend such a large amount of money without having first formed the political action committee.


Abortion Activists Arrested at Texas Capitol After Pro-Life Bill Passes

Posted July 11, 2013

No sooner did the Texas state House pass the bill to ban late-term abortions than abortion activists caused such a ruckus in the House gallery that state troopers were forced to arrest them.

Abby Johnson tweeted a picture on Twitter of troops arresting abortion activists and Bryan Kemper took video footage of the incident.


Texas House Passes Late-Term Abortion Ban, Heads to State Senate

Posted July 11, 2013

The Texas state House gave final approval to the ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy today, supporting it on a 96-49 vote. The measure now heads to the Texas Senate, where it was a victim of a pro-abortion filibuster and a mob that interrupted proceedings.

Yesterday, during second reading, lawmakers voted 98-49 for the bill. The vote yesterday for conditional approval is four more votes for the measure than the last time the House approved the bill before Wendy Davis’ infamous filibuster. In that vote, five pro-life Democrats voted for HB2 including Guillen, Herrero, Martinez, Munoz, and Pickett while one Republican voted against it: Sarah Davis.


Sen. Cruz: Without Life, There is no Liberty

Posted July 10, 2013

Submits Testimony to Texas Legislature Supporting 20 Week Abortion Ban

AUSTIN, TX – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) today submitted testimony for the record in support of Texas Senate Bill 1, which will ban abortions after 20 weeks and raise standards of care at abortion clinics by requiring them to meet the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers. Part of Sen. Cruz’s testimony will be read at the Stand for Life Rally on Monday evening at the Texas State Capitol.

“I want to thank the thousands of Texans who are engaging in the legislative process to speak up for the unborn,” Sen. Cruz said. “The horrors exposed during the recent murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell compel us, in Texas and nationally, to take action. Our opponents seem to advocate little to no restrictions on abortion. In the past, such advocates claimed abortion should be ‘safe, legal, and rare.’ Today, their position can fairly be interpreted as ‘anytime, on-demand, and everywhere.’ This extreme embrace of unlimited late-term abortion is indefensible.

“Our nation was founded on the principle that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with ‘certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ America’s founders knew that life comes first. Without life, there is no liberty; without life, there is no pursuit of happiness.”

Since Roe vs. Wade was passed in 1973 – 40 years ago – 55.5 million babies have been aborted in the United States. More than 80,000 abortions were performed in Texas in 2012 alone.

In his testimony, Sen. Cruz noted that even many European nations have stricter abortion laws than the U.S., where our laws remain among the most extreme in the world. For instance, Spain, Italy, Portugal and France all ban abortions after 14 weeks. Additionally, 11 other U.S. states have already passed 20-week abortion bans.

Sen. Cruz also commended the Texas groups who have worked tirelessly to promote SB 1 and HB 2 including Concerned Women for America–Texas, The Heidi Group, Texans for Life, Texas Alliance for Life, Texas Eagle Forum, Texas Right to Life, and Texas Values.

View Sen. Cruz's testimony and this release online

Dirty trick? TxDOT bypasses legislature to enact law through ‘rule change’

Posted July 10, 2013 ~ Terri Hall

How do you know when a public agency is out of control? It tries to bypass the legitimate branch of government charged with enacting law, in this case the Texas legislature, to make laws unto themselves using schemes like making an administrative ‘rule change’ instead. At a recent meeting of the Texas Transportation Commission (the body that governs the Texas Department of Transportation or TxDOT), it proposed a rule change that would, in effect, give the agency a blank check to enter into unlimited numbers of controversial public private partnerships (known as P3s, called Comprehensive Development Agreements or CDAs in Texas).

Indeed, they’d do it using the so-called ‘availability payment’ model, which they initially tried but failed to get passed as legislation, House Bill 3650, during the 83rd regular session of the legislature that ended Memorial Day. So it appears TxDOT is attempting to do through a rule change what they couldn't get done legitimately through the legislative process.


Pro-Lifers stage massive rally at Texas Capitol

Posted July 9, 2013 - Jim Graham, Texas Right to Life

The media won't tell you about this but Pro-Lifers are staging one of the largest rallies for Life, as I write this to you, at the Texas Capitol that I've ever witnessed!

I posted a quick video scan of the huge crowd.

Senator Donna Campbell, who is a doctor, is speaking to the crowd in the video.

Here's what she says:

"The abortion industry is born out of the death of unborn babies ... there is life in the womb ... no baby chooses pain! Texas is about life! We support life, not with a clinched fist, but with an open heart. It is essential that we #stand4life! God bless Texas!"


Texas Gov. Rick Perry Won't Seek Re-Election

Posted July 9, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry was a champion of fiercely conservative social activism long before the tea party was born. He oversaw the "Texas Miracle" job-creation boom and became the most powerful Texas governor since Reconstruction.

But nationally, Perry is better known for his "oops" presidential debate brain freeze or for not opposing forcefully enough the notion that Texas could secede from the union. For many outside the Lone Star State, he's a political punch line on par with Dan Quayle — if he's known at all.

Now, the longest-serving governor in Texas history is quitting his day job. Perry announced Monday that he won't seek a fourth full term in office next year.


Defending Life in Austin: Texas rallies for the pro-life cause

Posted July 9, 2013 - Lily Smith

“Those are not radical requirements; those are reasonable requirements.” That’s what Governor Mike Huckabee said about the second House bill now under consideration in the Texas legislature. Huckabee is hopeful that a companion bill, HB 2, the bill which will ban all abortions after 20 weeks, will pass this time, and go to the full House for a vote on July 9.

Hundreds of pro-lifers dressed in all shades of blue chanted “stand for life” at the Texas State Capitol July 8, on the southwest steps, in Austin to show their support for the omnibus pro-life bill.

“Sixty-four percent of Americans oppose abortion in the second trimester,” Senior Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress said at the rally. “Eighty percent of Americans oppose abortion in the third semester. The American people are on the side of life.”

Read more: http://liveactionnews.org/defending-life-in-austin-texas-rallies-for-the-pro-life-cause/

NAFTA superhighway underway in South Texas

Posted July 9, 2013 ~ Terri Hall

While there’s been much political angling and wrangling over whether or not the famed legacy project of Texas Governor Rick Perry, the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), is dead or alive, the evidence points to it being alive and well and underway throughout Texas. The Trans Texas Corridor is the Texas portion of the NAFTA superhighways, often called high priority corridors, approved by Congress since the nineties. Two such corridors in Texas, I-69 and Ports to Plains, are advancing.

At its May meeting, the Texas Transportation Commission approved $11.2 million in funds to expand US 87 in Dawson County from the city of Lamesa south to the border of Martin County. Just a few months prior to this allocation, the Commission approved another $17 million widening project on Texas 349 between Lamesa and Midland. These projects are part of the Ports to Plains TTC corridor headed south into Texas from Colorado, mostly as incremental upgrades to existing highways.


Video: Abortion Supporters Chant "Hail Satan" at Pro-Life Women

Posted July 3, 2013

For a few hours yesterday afternoon, I thought wishing rape upon pro-life legislators and their families would represent rock bottom for the abortion zealots who've descended upon the Texas capitol to picket in favor of late-term abortion.  And then I heard about this.  There are no words:



More at http://www.teaparty911.com/blog/america-in-distress-rally-dallas-texas-july-2-2013-videos/


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