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Col. Dick Brauer, USAF (Ret.) on Fox and Friends to discuss Benghazi

Posted April 9, 2013

MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry » All Your Kids Belong To Us

Posted April 9, 2013

Mitch McConnell Joins Filibuster Against Gun Control

Posted April 9, 2013

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says he will join GOP Senators to filibuster a bill expanding gun control regulations if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) brings it up for a vote this week.

This puts McConnell shoulder-to-shoulder with Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Jim Inhofe (R-OK), and eight other Senators who have said they will block a push for gun control in the Senate.


Part 1 of 5 Stop the Common Core

Posted April 9, 2013

U.S. Ready to Spend Up to $300,000 for ‘Workforce Development’--In Serbia

(CNSNews.com) – The U.S. State Department, through the Agency for International Development (USAID), has announced that it will award up to $300,000 for “workforce development” in Serbia.

The Republic of Serbia is in southeastern Europe, north of Greece and surrounded by Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Macedonia. It has a population of 7.26 million.

“Currently, there is a mismatch between private sector needs and the capacity of the existing workforce, which continues to contribute to the high unemployment rate, especially among youth,” said USAID in a March 29 announcement.


Schools push a curriculum of propaganda

Posted April 9, 2013

The real vocation of some people entrusted with delivering primary and secondary education is to validate this proposition: The three R’s — formerly reading, ’riting and ’rithmetic — now are racism, reproduction and recycling. Especially racism. Consider Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction. It evidently considers “instruction” synonymous with “propaganda,” which in the patois of progressivism is called “consciousness-raising.”

Wisconsin’s DPI, in collaboration with the Orwellian-named federal program VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America; the “volunteers” are paid), urged white students to wear white wristbands “as a reminder about your privilege, and as a personal commitment to explain why you wear the wristband.” A flyer that was on the DPI Web site and distributed at a DPI-VISTA training class urged whites to “put a note on your mirror or computer screen as a reminder to think about privilege,” to “make a daily list of the ways privilege played out” and to conduct an “internal dialogue” asking questions such as “How do I make myself comfortable with privilege?” and “What am I doing today to undo my privilege?”


Assassination survivor: Why hide the truth on Benghazi? Americans should ask [VIDEO]

Posted April 9, 2013

Lars Hedegaard, the editor of Swedish weekly newspaper Dispatch International who survived an assassination attempt in February, told The Daily Caller that Americans should not forget the lessons of Benghazi.

The Dispatch International is well-known for publicly condemning political correctness and Islamic radicalism.

“It makes a difference if you believe what your government tells you, or if you do not believe what your government tells you,” Hedegaard said. “If you have a government that will lie to you, that’s not very good for any society, is it?”


CA Proposes Law to Force Insurance to Cover Homosexual 'Infertility'

Posted April 9, 2013

The state of California is reportedly considering legislation that would force group insurance policies to provide infertility treatment for gay and lesbian couples. 

Two men who have sex with each other for a year and do not produce a baby would be considered “infertile” under the proposed legislation. So would two women having sex. Since biology does not allow those without a uterus to conceive or those without a penis to impregnate, every year-long gay couple in California would potentially be covered by this new provision of California law.


Biden: ‘Affirmative Task’ Before Us Is to ‘Create a New World Order’

Posted April 8, 2013


Federal Deficit Debt

Rebooting the Tea Party

Posted April 8, 2013

By Lee Cary

“The surest way to destroy a nation is to debauch its currency.”Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

I recently suggested that the Tea Party should engage the same-sex marriage debate. That idea met with opposition.  The basis of it was that the Tea Party’s mission is not to address social issues but to, as one commenter stated, advocate “1) reduction in the size of government, 2) reduction and simplification of taxes (if not all-out tax code change like FairTax or the Flat Tax) and 3) reduction in spending by government.”

Point made. Now, moving on…  

The Tea Party movement, according to one Texas Tea Party activist speaking last August, morphed after the 2010 election as, “We put down our protest signs, and picked up campaign signs.” Those campaign signs meant to influence the election of local-level candidates who share Tea Party principles.

So, the energy of the movement shifted away from the federal government’s fiscal crisis to a local effort to advance Tea Party principles at the state and local level.  

Unfortunately, the federal budget falls largely outside the purview of local- and state-level government officials. A Texas State Representative, while advancing the cause of sound fiscal policies at the state level, does not typically have the ear of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or John Boehner. Plus, a State Representative has no vote in the U.S. Congress.

So what has become of the Tea Party’s attempt to influence spending at the federal level?  Has it been abandoned?  If not, where and how is it being pursued today?


McCain: 'I Don't Understand' Filibustering Gun Control

Posted April 8, 2013

Sen. John McCain (R-Sunday Shows) expressed bewilderment on CBS' "Face the Nation" that GOP Sens. Cruz, Lee and Paul would filibuster gun control legislation. “I don’t understand it,” McCain said. “The purpose of the United States Senate is to debate and to vote and to let the people know where we stand.” With all due respect to Sen. McCain, that is almost completely backward. 

The purpose of the US Senate is not to be some federal debating society. It is not tasked with taking the great issues of the day and giving its "august" members a platform for their musings on policy. The public does not look to the Senate for guidance in its deliberations on the issues.

The Senate's first, and only, task is to uphold the Constitution.


Congress returns to try to reach final deals on major issues of immigration, gun control

Posted April 8, 2013

Congress returns Monday for a pivotal week in which lawmakers will attempt to reach agreements on proposals for gun-control and immigration-reform -- perhaps the two biggest issues in Washington this year.

Though the Senate has been working on both issues only since the new Congress began in January, Washington lawmakers have tried for years to draft comprehensive immigration reform, while the issue of gun-control was thrust upon them after 20 first-graders were killed in a December 2012 mass shooting.

A contentious public debate over the country’s flawed immigration system is expected as a bipartisan group of eight senators finalizes a bill to secure U.S. borders, allow tens of thousands of foreign workers into the country and grant eventual citizenship to the estimated 11 million people living here illegally.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/04/07/congress-returns-to-try-to-reach-final-deals-on-major-issues-immigration-gun/#ixzz2ProSLFDc

Bloomberg Rich Pansy Ass

WH: GOP Must Stop 'My Way or the Highway' Budget Negotiations

Posted April 8, 2013

Projecting madly, the White House on Sunday pushed the notion that Republican intransigence is the reason that Democrats have been unable to pass a budget during President Obama’s tenure. “Right now,” said senior White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer on Fox News Sunday, “the approach of many Republicans, particularly the leadership in the House, is my way or the highway.”

Nonetheless, the usual Republicans in the Senate expressed optimism over Obama’s new budget. “The president is showing a little bit of leg here,” said predictably conciliatory Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on NBC’s Meet the Press. “This is somewhat encouraging. We’re beginning to set the stage for the grand bargain.”


Obama's Political Action Group Loses Lawsuit Against Website Address Owner

Posted April 8, 2013

Last year, President Obama's re-election campaign reworked its operations renaming it Organizing for Action in an effort to leverage the President's monumental email address list to urge supporters to back the President's policies. But OFA made a tiny mistake: it didn't register all the various website addresses for its new effort. Worse, when others jumped to register the names, Obama's political group filed a complaint to get the web addresses back. Now Obama has lost that battle.



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Special ops veterans’ group calls for select probe of Benghazi attack



As Educrats Scramble to Stop the Hemorrhaging…CSCOPE Controversy Continues

Posted April 9, 2013

A public trust betrayal in 'selling' CSCOPE?

Discussions surrounding CSCOPE, the controversial Texas school curriculum, continue although too often with a limited perspective. Americans for Prosperity-Texas State Director Peggy Venable offers this overview of the issue, the responses, what’s really at stake and the need for accountability.

CSCOPE is the hottest topic across the state. And many Texans have never heard of it, though most of the school districts in Texas use it.

What is CSCOPE? It is a set of lesson plans K-12 written under the direction of the Regional Education Service Centers (ESCs). It is then not sold, but rented to the very schools which provided funding for its creation. It costs ISDs $7-8.50 per student per year.

The authors have some problematic credentials…one of them is closely linked to Weather Underground, a self-proclaimed Communist revolutionary group founder and Obama ally Bill Ayers.

What’s wrong with CSCOPE? Simply put, there are four major areas of concern.

Read more… http://watchdogwire.com/texas/2013/04/08/as-educrats-scramble-to-stop-the-hemoragingcscope-controversy-continues/

HB 2187 Named after Slain Teen: The Joshua Wilkerson Bill

Posted April 9, 2013

Austin, TX - Last month, Representive Matt Krause - District 93 filed House Bill 2187, or the "Joshua Wilkerson Bill." The Joshua Wilkerson Bill relates to the duties of a law enforcement agency regarding the immigration status of an arrested person and the enforcement of an immigration detainer.

Joshua's father, George Wilkerson, remains convinced his son would still be alive had the Sheriff’s Department identified Moralez as an illegal immigrant and deported him.  Moralez, was arrested twice prior to torturing and murdering Joshua.

"Many Texas families, like the family of Joshua Wilkerson, are suffering unnecessarily.  We need, at the very least, for our laws to be upheld," said Maria Espinoza, President of Houston Eagle Forum.

Espinoza went on to say, "The Joshua Wilkerson Bill supports laws already in place, and will protect Americans from the devastation of being permanently separated from their families."

The family of Joshua Wilkerson pleads for your support.  And asks you to contact your representatives in support of the Joshua Wilkerson Bill  (HB 2187) in order to keep our families together and safe. 

"Moralez’ third offense was the murder of my son,”
Wilkerson told lawmakers last year.


C-Scope Needs Oversight!!! - Your help is needed!

Posted April 9, 2013

The Texas Senate Education Committee heard SB 1406 last Tuesday April 2, 2013. Yesterday it was passed out of the Senate Education Committee on a 7-0 vote. Many of you have seen the news on C-Scope which is an online curriculum management system. It is currently used in 875 school districts in Texas.  C-Scope officials admitted under oath in a January 31 Senate Education hearing that they had prior lessons that called the Boston Tea Party an "act of terrorism", 9/11 terrorists were called "freedom fighters", and an Islamic world lesson that told teachers to hand out excerpts from the Qur'an that told children to SAY (yes, SAY), "Qur'an [45.26] 'Allah gives you life, then He makes you die, then will He gather you to the day of resurrection wherein is no doubt, but most people do not know.' Qur'an [45.28] 'and you shall see every nation kneeling down; every nation shall be called to its book: today you shall be rewarded for what you did.'" This is not a lesson on Islam; this is called indoctrination. These types of lessons cause confusion in children. We heard from a mother in Plano where her young daughter asked her, "Mom, is it God or Allah?" This should not be, and we should not risk what parents have worked so hard to teach their children all over a dollar. We need your help to call you state senator and ask him/her to support State Board of Education oversight. We are working against many superintendents who do not wish to have this oversight. We cannot trust the makers of C-Scope. The State Board of Education is our elected body. They are responsible ultimately to the tax payers of Texas. They are the safety net we as parents have between the schools our children attend and what curriculum is being taught in this State. They have been given oversight by the State Legislature on all printed materials. We urge you to call your state senator and state representative and ask them to continue to allow oversight on all online education materials considered to be curriculum. Urge them bring SB 1406 to the floor for a vote.

State board committee examines CSCOPE

Posted April 9, 2013

The writers of a controversial teacher lesson plan were the focus of a heated Legislative Hearing Tuesday at the Texas Capitol.

The Senate Education Committee considered legislation requiring more oversight for a program called CSCOPE.

The lesson plans are produced by the Texas Education Service Center Collaborative, which is a non-profit organization that's made up of 20 regional education service centers. The classroom guides are written without State School Board oversight and when questions were raised concerning content and factual errors, Senator Dan Patrick drafted SB1406.

"So I have a bill to put them permanently under the state Board of Education we may have to end their participation in lesson plans as we learn more information, I have a book this thick of mistakes we've found in the last two months, the Attorney General has announced he is looking into CSCOPE," said Sen. Patrick. Read more...

Texas Activists Given Hundreds of CCISD Election Ballots by Harris County Clerk - NO ID - Ballot integrity Alert

Posted April 9, 2013

Two activists, Lianne Russell and Tanya A. Robertson, walked into the Harris County Elections Division (Houston, TX) last week and are given ACTUAL ballots when they only asked for Mail In Ballot Applications. They were given these ballots without even being asked to show a photo id or proof of identity!

It gets worse, the hosting entity (Clear Creek ISD) is the School District that will benefit from their own election. They handle their own ballots, count their ballots, and police their election.

A simple mistake? Even if it was, it still goes to show the importance of having measures in place to prevent voter fraud and to protect ballot integrity. Heck, these two activists did not even want ballots and they walk right in and out of the Harris County Clerk’s office with hundreds of them! Read more...

School Choice Hearing Tuesday April 9

Posted April 8, 2013

ALERT: School Choice Testimony Needed for Tuesday, April 9th Hearing at the Texas Capitol
On tuesday, April 9, school choice bills will get a hearing in both the House and the Senate.  These bills have been under attack by the education lobby which is demanding more money and less accountability AND NO COMPETITION.  We hope you will either come to testify, or let your legislator know you support school choice in Texas. 

The Senate Education Committee will hear public testimony on SB 23 by Sen. Dan Patrick which is the Texas Equal Opportunity Scholarship Program (a tax credit bill) and SB 1575 by Sen. Donna Campbell, the Taxpayer Savings Grant.  The House Ways and Means Committee is slated to hear public testimony on HB 3245 by Rep. Bill Callegari, the Tax Credit for Scholarships. 

The meeting times and rooms can be found here:
Senate Education Committee Hearing:

  • 8:30 AM, Tuesday, April 9th
  • Place:  E1.028 in the Texas Capitol

Ways & Means Committee Hearing:

  • 2:00PM or upon final adjournment/recess, Tuesday, April 9th
  • Place: E2.028 in the Texas Capitol


~ Peggy Venable - Americans for Prosperity Texas

Lumberton, TX Woman with Gun Shoots Robber/Rapist Terrorizing Lumberton Residents

Posted April 8, 2013

A woman in Lumberton, TX shot and stopped a robber this morning before sunrise. This was not just Around 3AM this morning, this group of armed robbers sexually assaulted and robbed at gun point a woman in Lumberton. After the robbery and sexual assault this morning (at the corner of Raider Lane and Village Creek Parkway near the middle and primary schools), the group of 3 black males from Beaumont tried to attack another woman at her home on Dennis Drive in Lumberton. This time though, the woman was exercising her 2nd Amendment rights and she pulled out her handgun and shot one of the criminals. All three men were quickly apprehended soon after by the Lumberton Police Department. The man shot, Scott Allen Wills Jr, is still in the hospital but is expected to recover. As I write the article, the Hardin County Jail says they have not booked the other two men, Malik Washington and Ariel Malveaux, so they are still in the custody of the Lumberton Police Department. Read more...

True the Vote TEXAS Team Members

Posted April 8, 2013

Tuesday, April 9 - 10:30-11:30am
State Capitol - Austin, Texas 
Hearing Room E 1.041
(First floor of the Capitol Extension, 2nd room past the Cafeteria and Gift Shop)

The 83rdLegislative Session is well underway, and True the Vote NOW is actively supporting our 13 for '13 Legislative Priorities to make Texas elections more efficient, transparent and honest. We invite you to join us in Austin on Tuesday, April 9, to learn more about election reforms currently being considered by the Legislature  and the key legislators working on these bills, then go and talk with committee members and your representatives about supporting these important reforms. This is the Power of Citizen Engagement!

We'd like an idea how many engaged Texans to expect - please direct RSVPs and/or questions to erin@truethevotenow.org

Hope to see you Tuesday at the Capitol!

The True the Vote NOW Team

P.S. - Can't make it Tuesday? You can still join our Legislative Action Team and contact legislators by phone and email! Contact erin@truethevotenow.org to volunteer.

Stand up for liberty!

With the legislative session half over, we regret to inform our fellow Texans that the Texas State Legislature continues to be the place where solid, fiscally-responsible ideas go to die and awful ideas thrive like bad weeds.

Thankfully, vigilant watchdog groups have been keeping a close eye on the State Legislature and providing us with updates on our elected servants' malfeasance.

We've posted a digest of the most recent reports from Empower Texans on our blog.  In these updates:

How the Legislature is Soaking Taxpayers to Fund Hollywood Trash

Your Elected Servants are Still Cooking the Books and Playing Hide-and-Seek With the Budget Numbers

Why Did the Texas House Vote to Implement Obamacare in Texas?

The Legislature's Conservative Leadership Vacuum

CSCOPE Call to Action

Posted April 8, 2013

HB 760 Relating to State Board of Education oversight of regional education service center services and products concerning student curriculum.

  • Status: Assigned to committee. No scheduled hearing.
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research: CSCOPE or C-SCAM? 
  • Comment:  This legislation along with SB 1406, would shed the light of public scrutiny on the controversial CSCOPE curriculum.
  • Call to action: Contact committee members to voice your support. 


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