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Obama Admin. Ignores Nullification: Federal Agents Will Enforce ObamaCare

Posted March 28, 2013

resident Obama will not wait on states to enforce ObamaCare. The Obama administration has announced its intent to disregard state laws and state constitutional amendments prohibiting the enforcement of ObamaCare. Federal agents from the Department of Health and Human Services will assume absolute control over states’ health insurance industry and regulation in states that refuse to comply with the federal healthcare mandates.

In an exclusive telephone interview with The New American, Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak reported that the his office has received a letter from Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) Deputy Administrator and Director Gary Cohen informing him that the federal government will impose ObamaCare regulations on insurance companies in Oklahoma. The CCIIO is part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


Mark Levin: It's Not a Matter of Equal Protection, So Why Should Courts Intervene?

Posted March 28, 2013

(CNSNews.com) - The same-sex marriage case argued before the Supreme Court on Tuesday has no business being there, says conservative talk show host Mark Levin.

"Where there's not a clear federal constitutional issue...then why should the federal courts intervene? Why should the Supreme Court intervene? The equal protection clause doesn't say the 'liberal promotion clause' or the 'radical egalitarianism clause,' where people can pour their economic, social and cultural agendas into the Constitution for the courts to decide."

The 14th Amendment, which contains the equal protection clause (see text below), does not mean "everybody is the same, everything is uniform," Levin said. It's not a "grab bag for every egalitarian dream on the face of the earth."


Feds Fund $880,000 to Study Benefits of Snail Sex

Posted March 28, 2013

(CNSNews.com) – The National Science Foundation awarded a grant for $876,752 to the University of Iowa to study whether there is any benefit to sex among New Zealand mud snails and whether that explains why any organism has sex.

The study, first funded in 2011 and continuing until 2015, will study the New Zealand snails to see if it is better that they reproduce sexually or asexually – the snail can do both – hoping to gain insight on why so many organisms practice sexual reproduction.


Hunters begin boycott over Colorado gun laws

Posted March 28, 2013

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Hunters across the country say they are boycotting Colorado because of recent legislation meant to curtail gun violence.

Colorado last week became the first Western state to ratchet back gun rights in response to mass shootings at a suburban Denver movie theater and an elementary school in Connecticut. Opponents warned the gun controls would hurt hunters, especially an expansion of background-check requirements to apply to personal and online gun sales.

Republican opponents of the new background-check law said it would make criminals of hunters lending each other weapons for weekend hunting trips. In response, Democrats changed the bill to give people a 72-hour grace period to share guns without triggering background-check requirements. Republicans then complained the bill would imperil weeklong hunting trips.

Gun-rights advocates who said hunters would boycott Colorado in protest say they are following through on their threats.
Michael Bane, a freelance producer for The Outdoor Channel, announced he will no longer film his four shows in Colorado. And hunting outfitters say people began canceling trips after the legislation passed, The (Colorado Springs) Gazette newspaper reported (http://tinyurl.com/cfbquoy ).


Palin Reloads for 2014 Elections with SarahPAC Video

Posted March 28, 2013

In a sign of how active Sarah Palin intends to be in influencing the 2014 elections, SarahPAC, Sarah Palin's Political Action Committee, released a video on Wednesday meant to ignite independents, conservatives, and Tea Partiers for the 2014 midterm elections. These voters propelled Republican candidates in the historic 2010 midterm elections that saw Republicans take back the House of Representatives on the backs of Tea Party voters.


Walmart sues unions to protect Florida stores

Posted March 28, 2013

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, has filed trespassing claims against the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (U.F.C.W.) and other non-profit organizations doing the bidding of the nation’s main retail workers union, to stop disruptive protests at its Florida stores.

Representatives for Walmart say the company filed the lawsuit after multiple warnings, and that it is intended to protect customers and other employees from “further disruptive tactics associated with continued, illegal trespassing,” as reported by Inside Counsel.


Gainesville mayor latest member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns to be arrested

Posted March 28, 2013


White House to Sheriffs: Follow Law in Enforcing Gun Control Measures

Posted March 27, 2013

(CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama’s gun control measures reflect his commitment to the Second Amendment, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday, adding that local law enforcement should enforce any measures passed at the federal level.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) has the support of 381 sheriffs and the cooperation of 15 state sheriff associations asserting they would not enforce federal or state gun laws they consider unconstitutional.


Sowell: 'Me Too' Republicans

Posted March 27, 2013

Many ideas presented as "new" are just rehashes of old ideas that have been tried before -- and have failed before. So it is no surprise that the recent "Growth and Opportunity Project" report to the Republican National Committee is a classic example of what previous generations called "Me too" Republicanism.

These are Republicans who think that the key to winning elections is to do more of what the Democrats are doing. In effect, they say "me too" on issues such as immigration, in hopes of gaining more new votes than they lose by betraying their existing supporters.

In the wake of last year's presidential election debacle for the Republicans, the explanation preferred by "moderate" Republicans has been that the GOP has been too narrowly ideological, and needs to reach out to minorities, women and young people, rather than just to conservatives.

In the words of the "Growth and Opportunity Project," the problem is that conservative Republican candidates have been "driving around in circles on an ideological cul-de-sac."

But the report itself says that the Republicans' election problems have been at the national level, not at the state level, where a majority of the governors are Republicans. Are the Republican moderates suggesting that the reason Mitt Romney lost in 2012 is that he was driving around in a conservative cul-de-sac? Romney was as mushy a moderate as Senator John McCain was before him -- and as many other Republican losers in presidential elections have been, going all the way back to the 1940s. The only Republican candidate who might fit the charge of being a complete conservative was Ronald Reagan, who won two landslide elections.


Children, elderly gassed as 1.4 million march in Paris against gay marriage

Posted March 27, 2013

Nearly 1.5 million proponents of traditional marriage gathered Sunday on Paris’ famous thoroughfare, the Champs-Elysées, to protest the French government’s plans to legalize same-sex marriage.

The demonstration came as America’s own high court prepared this week to take up two gay marriage cases — one state and one federal — with gay marriage advocates calling the union a fundamental right. Many Parisians, meanwhile, have been saying non to the idea loud and clear.

When the venue for Sunday’s demonstration — the third protest in five months -– was first announced, the French government nixed it, according to LifeSiteNews. Police issued orders not to march on the Champs-Elysées, making the denial official with an emergency ruling issued on the Wednesday before the event.


CBO: America Will Never See Full Employment Under Obama

Posted March 27, 2013

(CNSNews.com) - The Congressional Budget Office is now projecting that the U.S. economy will never achieve full employment during the eight years Barack Obama serves as president.

That would make Obama the only American president during the post-World War II era who never presided over a year in which the U.S. economy offered full employment to the American people.

The CBO defines “full employment” to be when the national unemployment rate is at or below what it calls the “natural unemployment rate.”


Napolitano: Arizona Will Turn Blue

Posted March 27, 2013

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is predicting that Arizona will transition from a swing state to a Democratic stronghold due to the state’s changing demographics, reports Roll Call:

On Tuesday, the former Arizona governor told reporters that she is confident her home state will take after Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado in gaining Democratic voters in the coming cycles.
“Arizona will be behind them,” Napolitano said during a discussion hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “I think it will be more purple over time, but ultimately blue.” […]

“It’ll happen, I think,” Napolitano said. “The fact that I could win three straight elections there, I think is indicative that Democrats can win and do win in Arizona.”

Napolitano’s prediction is based on Arizona’s growing immigrant population.

According to Roll Call, she said the demographic changes are “beginning to persuade those previously wary of revamping the system for granting citizenship.”


Native U.S. Tribes Seek Federal Bailouts to Offset Casino Losses

Posted March 27, 2013

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, which owns the Foxwoods Resort Casino in southeastern Connecticut, is among federally recognized tribes that, although considered “sovereign nations,” are seeking increased revenues through grants from the U.S. government.

According to the Associated Press, the once billion-dollar Pequot casino empire has, in the past, distributed stipends of more than $100,000 annually to adult tribe members. Now, however, the Pequots join other gaming tribes, including nearby rival casino Mohegan Sun, in the pursuit of more federal aid. The pattern is getting the attention of those who opposed the law that allowed Indian tribes to develop casinos, since the law was promoted as one that would assist tribes in becoming financially self-reliant.



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Freedom Minute with Senator Ted Cruz

Posted March 28, 2013

Ted Cruz on Obamacare

Posted March 28, 2013

Sen. Cruz published an op-ed in the Dallas Morning News today outlining the disastrous effects of Obamacare on its third anniversary.

Since Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, was signed into law, it’s proven to be neither affordable nor caring. Insurance premiums are skyrocketing. Seniors are losing health care choices. Millions of Americans are being pushed into a struggling and ineffective Medicaid system. Americans are grappling with scores of new taxes. Employers are slashing jobs and hours to avoid complying with Obamacare requirements. Three years later, it’s clearer than ever that Americans were sold a bill of goods. President Obama told Americans that if Obamacare was made law, they would be able to keep their health plans, taxes wouldn’t go up, premiums would go down, and more jobs would be created. But, the truth is it’s hurting working families, young people, poor minorities, and seniors the most. Read Sen. Cruz's full op-ed and share it with your friends.

Sen. Ted Cruz Pledges to Oppose Legislation that Prohibits Americans’ 2nd Amendment Rights

Posted March 27, 2013

Signs Letter with Sens. Lee and Paul to Sen. Reid

WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) with Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rand Paul (R-KY) sent a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid pledging to oppose legislation that would prohibit Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Click here to view the letter.

“Rather than restricting the rights of law-abiding Americans, we should be focusing on violent criminals. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has not made it a priority to stop violent criminals from acquiring firearms; for example, in 2010, out of more than 15,700 fugitives and felons who tried to illegally purchase a firearm, the Obama Justice Department prosecuted only 44.

“As the Senate prepares to consider guns legislation, I remain committed to ensuring that Americans' right to keep and bear arms is defended and upheld. Congress should not create new legislation restricting the rights of law-abiding Americans. The Democrats' proposed legislation would require universal background checks for private sales between law-abiding citizens, which according to DOJ would be effective only if accompanied by a national gun registry. This raises serious constitutional issues, and would divert resources from prosecuting felons and fugitives who try to illegally purchase guns.

“I am prepared to use any procedural means necessary to ensure that Congress does not pass any laws infringing on the Second Amendment, and look forward to working alongside Sens. Lee and Paul, and hopefully others, to protect our constitutional rights.”

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro (Democrat National Convention Keynote Speaker) Investigated for Accepting Illegal Campaign Money along with 8 other San Antonio Texas Democrats

Posted March 26, 2013

Texas Ethics Advisory Board

Mayor, eight City Council members Investigated for Over 1000 Violations of Texas Election Law

In an official response to nine Sworn Complaints, the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) has notified most members of the San Antonio City Council they are being investigated for multiple campaign finance violations.

Mayor Julian Castro, Council members Cris Medina and Diego Bernal had the most alleged violations at over 200 each.

The Sworn Complaints allege 41 instances of accepting donations from corporations. Corporate donations are, if done knowingly, a 3rd degree felony offense. All nine complaints alleged these offenses. Well known names include MacDonalds, Inc., Holiday Inns, Inc. and Texas Associaton of Realtors.

The Texas Ethics Advisory Board (TEAB) reports that more than fifteen more Sworn Complaints will be initiated on the corporations who contributed to the council members campaigns. Pending the results of the TEC investigations, the TEAB will refer any felonies to Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed.


TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee of Texas Sends a Strong Message to the Legislators

Posted March 26, 2013 ~ JoAnn Fleming

The legislature's TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee is sending a strong, commonsense, liberty-advancing message this session that should apply to all legislation:

  1. Stop adding more state debt.  Why? Today, Texas state government has more debt than the US Postal Service ($16 billion). "Borrow and spend" is just as bad as "tax and spend" because it threatens liberty for future generations. According to the Legislative Budget Board, the amount of state debt outstanding is $40.99 billion, which is an increase of $22.81 billion, or 125% over the amount of state debt outstanding 10 years ago in fiscal year 2003.   Sounds like Washington, DC.
  2. Stop digging holes and fill in the ones you've already created.  Why?  On top of the state debt, the Texas Tomorrow Fund has a $644 million hole (parents pay into a fund to secure their child's college education at today's prices). The Teachers Retirement System is underfunded, creating a $27 billion hole.  Our state government is incurring costs today, without setting aside the money needed to meet obligations.  Sounds like Washington, DC.
  3. Stop the diversions.  Why?  Our legislature uses millions of dollars in taxes and fees created for one purpose and diverts them to another purpose. One big example is the gas tax diverted from road construction to non-road uses. There are too many examples to list!  Sounds like Washington, DC.
  4. Stop the accounting gimmicks and deferrals to balance the budget.  Why?  We need truth in budgeting!  Since sales tax collections for the 2012-2013 budget exceeded the Comptroller's revenue projections, the $7.1 billion planned shortfall from last session is being paid for out of the "surplus" revenue and not out of the Rainy Day Fund, but our legislature, governor, lt. governor, and speaker need to stop just balancing the budget on paper and actually practice truth in budgeting. Anything lesssounds like Washington, DC!
  5. Don't raid the Rainy Day Fund. Why?  The Rainy Day Fund should always maintain a balance that will ensure our AAA credit rating AND provide funds to endure a natural disaster or a terrorist attack (made possible with open borders & sanctuary cities) without having to depend on the federal government.  Frankly, our elected officials need to prepare for getting less federal dollars since the financial collapse of the federal government will surely come.  Texas is no longer a donor state.  For the last 8 years, Texas has received more federal dollars than were paid into the federal treasury by taxpayers.  Texas is helping to build the federal debt.  Here is the history of federal dollars in our state budget for the last 3 biennial periods:

2008 – 2009 Biennium: federal funds were $55.1 billion or 32% of state budget revenue
2010 – 2011 Biennium: federal funds were $72.6 billion or 38.7% of state budget revenue

2012—2013 Biennium: federal funds were $54.7 billion or 31.5% of state budget revenue

To ignore these facts and do anything less than prepare for tough times ahead, our state officials will be acting like Washington, DC!

Right to Life Legislative Update

Posted March 26, 2013

Take Right to Life ActionSB 303 by Senator Bob Deuell would allow doctors and hospitals to withdraw food, water and medical treatment with only 14 days notice, even against an advance directive, against patient's expressed wishes and against a surrogate's decision. SB 303 would add criteria under which treatment could be removed. Cathie Adams signed an affidavit to OPPOSE SB 303 at last week's Public Hearing.

SB 303 is pending in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee. Please ask committee members to NOT vote SB 303 out of committee:

Sen. Jane Nelson
Vice Chair:
Sen. Bob Deuell
Sen. Joan Huffman
Sen. Robert Nichols
Sen. Charles Schwertner
Sen. Larry Taylor
Sen. Carlos Uresti
Sen. Royce West
Sen. Judith Zaffirini

An identical bill, HB 1444, by Reps. Susan King, Tom Craddick, Geanie Morrison, Garnet Coleman and Coauthors Reps. Tony Dale, John Davis, Larry Gonzales and Ken Kingwas referred to the House Public Health Committee on February 26. Please also ask your Representative to OPPOSE HB 1444.

Contact your Representative here: http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/Home.aspx


Posted March 26, 2013

Take Action Against CSCOPETo help please contact CWA (Concerned Women for America) leader Michelle Smith cwaoftexas@gmail.com

SB 1406 by Senators Dan Patrick and Donna Campbell and HB 760 by Reps. Steve Toth | Debbie Riddle | Dwayne Bohac | Linda Harper-Brown | Lois Kolkhorst and Coauthors Reps. Ashby | Bell | Bonnen, Greg | Burkett | Capriglione | Clardy | Creighton | Fallon | Fletcher | Frank | Huberty | Hughes | Isaac | King, Phil | Klick | Laubenberg | Leach | Lozano | Miller, Rick | Murphy | Paddie | Parker | Perry | Raney | Sanford | Simmons | Springer | Stephenson | Turner, Scott | White | Zedler would insert State Board of Education oversight and direction of the activities of regional education service centers concerning student curriculum.

Please ask your Representative and Senator to support SB 1406 & HB 760.

Contact your Representative here: http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/Home.aspx

Immigration Update

Posted March 26, 2013

Take Action on ImmigrationTo help contact TEF leader Maria Espinoza maria@theremembranceproject.org

HB 2187 by Rep. Matt Krause would require police to check the immigration status within 48 hours of a person arrested. Please ask your Representative to SUPPORT HB 2187.

Contact your Representative here: http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/Home.aspx

Smart Meters

Posted March 26, 2013

Take Action Against Smart MetersTo help contact TEF leaders Beth Biesel ncriver@me.com and Pam Colquitt pamcolquitt@sbcglobal.net

Ask your Senator and Representative to SUPPORT HB 1171 by Rep. David Simpson, HB 3590 by Rep. Dennis Bonnen and SB 241 by Sen. John Carona.

Homeowners should have an “opt out” at NO EXTRA COST, no cost for removing the “smart meter” and replacing it with an old meter. And no cost for monthly meter reading. None of the bills have pending Public Hearings.

"Smart Meter" talking points:

  • Homeowners were PROMISED energy cost savings, but NONE have been realized.
  • Privacy and security are dangerously compromised and vulnerable to hackers.
  • Texas is the ONLY state with our own electric grid, but “Grid 2030” July 2003 reveals that the U.S. Dept. of Energy wants Texas’ grid merged with the national grid so that it can MANDATE our energy sources to be UNDEPENDABLE solar and wind. And to LIMIT our energy use as is now done in Switzerland where smart meters control times when washing machines can be operated.
  • A Smart Meter is a powerful computer and homeowners should know WHAT the government has planned for their future use.
  • Billions of federal grant and stimulus dollars subsidized Smart Meters which could be used in the federal government’s plan to Cap & Trade greenhouse gases that would devastate the American economy.


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