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Colorado lawmakers advance gun control bills

Posted March 5, 2013

DENVER (AP) — Firearm restrictions pitched by Colorado Democrats advanced Monday, as the battle over them intensified with hundreds of gun rights supporters cramming the state Capitol and circling the building all day with car horns blaring. Inside, the husband of former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords urged lawmakers to pass universal background checks and victims of mass shootings in Connecticut and a suburban Denver movie theater pleaded for more gun controls.

Colorado has become a focus point in the national debate over what new laws, if any, are needed to prevent gun violence in the wake of recent mass shootings, including an attack at a suburban Denver movie theater last summer — a massacre that brought to mind the Columbine High School shooting of 1999 for many in the state and across the nation.

Lawmakers in the politically moderate state are considering a package of gun control measures, including plans that would limit ammunition magazines to 15 rounds and expand background checks to include private sales and online purchases. Both measures cleared Democratic-controlled committees on 3-2 party-line votes but still need approval from the full Senate, which could debate the bills as soon as this week.


VA governor gets devoured for massive transportation tax hikes

Posted March 5, 2013 - Terri Hall

Houston, we have a problem. Well, actually, it’s a nationwide problem. Gas tax, the primary user fee that funds our national interstate highway system, hasn’t been raised in 20 years. The same is true for the gas tax in most states, where gas tax is the primary source of revenue to fund each state’s highway system. Politicians refuse to raise or even index the gas tax to inflation, but Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell just signed into law some solutions that have gotten him in hot water with taxpayers despite it involving the repeal of the state’s gas tax. It’s been called the largest tax increase in the Commonwealth’s history -- $6 billion. Even worse for McDonnell is he ran on a ‘no new taxes pledge.’


Six Million To Pay ObamaCare Penalty

Posted March 5, 2013

If you don't have health insurance it's probably for two main reasons. The first being that you can't afford it or two, you're a healthy young person who doesn't feel like they need it at this point in life. Others may not have health insurance due to lack of employer coverage. Regardless, under new ObamaCare rules lacking health insurance results in a large ObamaCare fine/tax, something that forces people to pay for something they can't afford and young people to pay for something they don't need. Not to mention, when people are paying a fine and not receiving healthcare insurance in return, they're simply throwing money into a black hole that could have been saved to eventually purchase a plan.

Now, the Congressional Budget Office is out with new numbers showing an additional two million people will opt to pay the fine instead of purchasing healthcare. This brings to total number of people to six million.


CBO: Tax Revenue Hits All-Time High

Posted March 5, 2013

While President Obama claimed repeatedly during both the fiscal cliff and the sequestration debate that America’s problem lay just as much on the tax revenue side as it did on the government spending side, new statistics show what a lie that is. According to the Congressional Budget Office, federal tax revenue will hit $2.7 trillion in 2013, the highest number ever.

Liberals will hang their hat on the fact that tax revenue totals 16.9 percent of GDP this year, as opposed to 18.5 percent in 2007, but that is because people earn less taxable income during recessions. As we have already seen, government spending is already at record levels, in excess of 24 percent of GDP. And while in the past, government spending was largely comprised of non-mandatory program spending, now 44 percent of all federal outlays come from Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.


Robber Attempts to Hold Up Bank With Fake Plastic Gun, Gets Shot in the Face With Very Real .357 Magnum

Posted March 5, 2013

Armed with a realistic plastic replica handgun, a 34-year-old man on Friday attempted to rob a bank in Trimble, Mo., according to police. Unfortunately for the robber, one of the bank’s employees was able to retrieve a very real Smith and Wesson .357 revolver and shoot the suspect in the face, effectively ending the robbery attempt.

The U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri said Monday that Michael Oliva has been charged in federal court in connection with the attempted bank robbery and leading police on a high-speed chase. Oliva remains hospitalized and is in federal custody pending a detention hearing, WDAF-TV reports.


'Never Again' Campaign Launched: Gun Control Has Historic Roots in Disarming Blacks, Lynchings by the KKK

Posted March 4, 2013

(CNSNews.com) – A new video depicts graphic scenes of a black man being dragged from his home and hanged from a tree by white men in hooded gowns with a burning cross as a backdrop – a reminder, producers say, of laws that once banned African-Americans from owning firearms.

“Gun control is not a new idea in America,” the text states in the 30-second video released by the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE). “A call for background checks invokes painful memories of Jim Crow and black codes.”

Star Parker, the founder of CURE, which is launching the “Never Again” ad campaign,  says in the video that, “Taking guns from the law-abiding many puts too much power in the hands of an ill-intended few.”


Capitulation in the Capitol: Boehner, Republicans Will Yield on Budget

Posted March 4, 2013

Fearing a loss in the 2014 midterm elections that would hand Democrats control of the House of Representatives, Republicans on Capitol Hill have settled on a unique strategy: let President Barack Obama fail.

Speaker of the House John Boehner told NBC News' Meet the Press on Sunday that he did not know whether the budget sequester would hurt the economy, but that it was clearly Obama's fault; and that he was committed to passing a continuing resolution this week to keep the federal government running through the end of the fiscal year in September, essentially approving current levels of spending as set by the Obama administration.


Axelrod: Obama wants tax increases to provide political cover for entitlement cuts

Posted March 4, 2013

Two veterans of the Obama White House acknowledged that tax increases won’t resolve the nation’s fiscal crisis, but explained that the hikes provide political cover enabling Democrats to vote for entitlement reform.

David Axelrod, Obama’s top campaign strategist in 2008 and 2012, acknowledged that tax increases can’t stabilize the entitlement programs.

“No one is saying that,” Axelrod argued during a Friday appearance on Morning Joe. “What we’re saying is that if you’re going to ask Democrats to vote for entitlement reform, then that you have to at the same time have revenue increases on the other side of the equation in order to move forward.”

Former White House domestic policy advisor Melody Barnes concurred. “You’ve got to link arms and jump ship together,” she said.

In other words, Democrats know that entitlement spending needs to be cut, but they also know that the reforms might anger their political base. So, they’re unwilling to cut spending unless Republicans agree to tax increases which have the political significance of angering the conservative base.


DOJ: Children Do Not Need—and Have No Right to--Mothers

Posted March 4, 2013

The Justice Department presented its conclusions about parenthood in rebutting an argument made by proponents of Proposition 8 that the traditional two-parent family, led by both a mother and a father, was the ideal place, determined even by nature itself, to raise a child.

The Obama administration argues this is not true. It argues that children need neither a father nor a mother and that having two fathers or two mothers is just as good as having one of each.

“The [California] Voter Guide arguably offered a distinct but related child-rearing justification for Proposition 8: 'the best situation for a child is to be raised by a married mother and father,’” said the administration’s brief submitted to the court by Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr.



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Patriot Briefing from "New Revolution Now"

Posted March 5, 2013

We want to bring to your attention the status of the following house and senate bills and to encourage you to get engaged as a citizen lobbyist. 

HB 204 Relating to zero-based budgeting for certain entities...

  • Status: Assigned to committee. No scheduled discussion. 
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research:  Using Zero Based Budgeting in Texas  
  • Comment: It is time to start phasing it in gradually.
  • Call to action: Contact committee members to communicate your support.

HB 621 & 723 Relating to renewable energy subsidies

  • Status: Both are assigned to committees. No scheduled discussion. 
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY AGAINST
  • Research:  Setting the Record Straight on Renewable Energy Subsidies 
  • Comment: Renewable energy subsidies harm the Texas energy grid and consumers.
  • Call to action: Contact committee members to communicate your opposition.

HB 1076 Relating to certain firearms, firearm accessories and firearm...

  • Status: Assigned to committee. Still no scheduled discussion. 
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research: Firearms Protection Act 
  • Comment: Protection of 2nd amendment rights for Texans.
  • Call to action: Continue to contact committee members to communicate your support. 

SB 2 Relating to charter schools and home-rule charter school districts.

  • Status: Received hearing and is left pending in committee 
  • Recommendation: FOR 
  • Comment: Good start for addressing a very important issue.
  • Research: Texas Public Policy Foundation Press Conference on Education 
  • Call to action: Continue to contact committee members to vote the bill out of committee.  

HB 149 Relating to the Texas Liberty Preservation Act

  • Status: Referred to committee. No hearing scheduled. 
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research: National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 
  • Comment: Protection of 10th amendment. Challenge constitutionality of NDAA.
  • Call to action: Continue to contact committee members to schedule a public hearing.      

HB 1568 Relating to funding under the Foundation School Program

  • Status: Assigned to committee. No hearing scheduled. 
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research: Protect Traditional Family Values 
  • Comment: Texas must continue to promote virtue.
  • Call to action: Continue to contact authors and co-authors to express support. 

 HJR 48 Constitutional amendment for right to choose or not choose to purchase health insurance.

  • Status: Assigned to committee. No hearing scheduled.  
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research: Joint bill filed by Senator Campbell 
  • Comment: Good start at nullifying Obama Care  
  • Call to action: Continue to contact committee members to schedule a public hearing.

  HB 607 Relating to the phaseout and repeal of the franchise tax.

  • Status: Referred to committee but not scheduled for hearing 
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research: Fixing the Texas Magin Tax 
  • Comment: The franchise tax is more than a business income tax it's a revenue tax that punishes Texas businesses even if they loose money. 
  • Call to action: Continue to contact committee members to schedule a public hearing. 

More at: http://www.newrevolutionnow.org/

Texas Teacher speaks against CSCOPE

Posted March 4, 2013

One Texas teacher has thrown off her cloak of anonymity and is speaking openly about CSCOPE because she is afraid its curriculum will be whitewashed and recycled instead of kicked out of Texas schools.

Mary Bowen, a 30-year master’s level teacher with a specialty in curriculum and instruction, recently addressed the Texas Senate Education Committee and the State Board of Education on behalf of children.

She insists CSCOPE can’t be fixed.


Cscope Exposed on Glenn Beck's The Blaze

Posted March 4, 2013

Glenn Beck will be exposing Cscope on the Blaze this coming Thursday night March 7th @4:00 CT. You can watch the show on the Dish Network Channel 212 or you can sign up for a FREE TRIAL of THE BLAZE or sign up to watch on a regular basis. You can view the show on your computer, TV or mobile device details here. The show is  is replayed on Dish and is archived if you not available to watch it at 4:00 CT.

Take Action****Glenn Beck ACTION ITEM.. Glenn is trying to get The Blaze in homes across the states. Please go HERE and fill out a form letter that will be sent to your cable company in hopes of them carrying THE BLAZE.


'We are above the law of the land'

Muslim's stunning claim at Texas rally for Islam

Posted March 4, 2013

A leader for the Texas branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations has told a crowd at a rally for Islam that members of the faith really shouldn't be bound by American law.

"If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land," said Mustafa Carroll, the executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR branch, a keynote speaker as the recent rally.

The event was a rally in Austin, a part of the nationwide effort to hold "Muslim Capitol Day" events.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/03/we-are-above-the-law-of-the-land/#lobkLJCyXKPt5sTh.99

Gohmert’s Statement on President Obama’s Sequester Press Conference

Posted March 2, 3013

Washington -  Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement today concerning President Obama’s press conference on the sequester and funding cuts:

“Every single hardworking American taxpayer had a 2% tax increase on January 1st with the payroll tax increase President Obama wanted. Now, the Obama administration is screaming gloom and doom for basically having the same amount of reduction in available spending money because of the sequester. But, it is incredible that the President is acting so indignant when we know and he stated numerous times that the sequester was his idea. Jay Carney has now acknowledged that. Every report of the President’s speech today should include a transcript of the interview he did with the Des Moines register last October, the day after his Iowa debate:

‘[T]he good news is that there's going to be a forcing mechanism to deal with what is the central ideological argument in Washington right now, and that is: How much government do we have and how do we pay for it? So when you combine the Bush tax cuts expiring, the sequester in place ... we're going to be in a position where I believe in the first six months we are going to solve that big piece of business. It will probably be messy. It won't be pleasant. But I am absolutely confident that we can get what is the equivalent of the grand bargain. (October 23, 2012, in Des Moines, Iowa)

It is clear by President Obama’s own previous words in different settings that he not only wanted the sequester cuts to go through, he also expected that the Bush tax rates would end and everyone’s taxes would go up. For him to now criticize the very ideas he came up with, he supported, and he originally wanted to occur is grossly inappropriate. The 2% cuts are actually a reduction in the automatically increased spending rather than a real cut and slows the Obama growth in government from 20% to 18%. He refused to sit down with Congress to work an agreement until he finished his expensive nationwide fear tour condemning Congress for not working with him, until the day after the cuts were reality.

Now, his administration has released arrested criminal suspects, is threatening to furlough or cut law enforcement, not protect our border, leave our military in harm’s way without adequate support, cut out vaccinations to children, fire teachers they do not even hire, and now pull FAA personnel from 168 airports –all to punish the country. We have never had an American administration intentionally try to do this much damage to American lives as part of a tantrum demanding more money for government. This is a very serious and sad time for America.”

More on Congressman Louie Gohmert

School Choice Hearing: 3/5/13

On Tuesday, March 5 at 8:30 am Senator Williams will discuss Senate Bill 115 which would support a school choice program for certain students with disabilities. If you would like to provide written testimony for this bill, please email: txparentsunion@gmail.com

Further, please feel free to attend this hearing to show your support for Senator Williams and school choice in Texas!

TURF Lobby Day March 12, 2013


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