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Day of Resistance 02-23-2013

WA Dems Sponsor Bill Allowing Police to Search Gunowners' Homes

Posted February 19, 2013

In a mistake that probably wasn’t a mistake, a Washington state bill sponsored by liberal Democrats contained a little-noticed provision that would have called for the police to have the right to search private citizens’ home once per year if they own certain types of guns. According to Senate Bill 5737:

In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessing shall ... safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection.


Obama's Justice Department: Gun Control Won't Work Without 'Mandatory' Confiscation [Video]

Posted February 19, 2013

NRA video highlighting a January 4, 2013 memo titled "Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies" in which the Obama Justice Department states that an assault weapons ban would not be effective without mandatory gun confiscation.


Manufacturer threatens to leave Colorado if hi-cap magazine bill becomes law

Posted February 19, 2013

Now that lawmakers have moved a bill that would ban high-capacity magazines one step closer to becoming law, the state is one step closer to losing a company that manufactures those magazines, along with its 600 jobs and an estimated $85 million that it contributes to the state economy.

Magpul Industries, a Colorado company that makes 30-round magazines and other assault rifle components for military and law enforcement customers, has vowed to leave the state if Democratic lawmakers pass a bill outlawing its products.

House Democrats relied on their majority status to pass several pieces of controversial gun control legislation on to the Senate Monday. Among them is a ban on magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/02/18/manufacturer-threatens-to-leave-colorado-if-hi-cap-magazine-bill-becomes-law/#ixzz2LLooenJl

America’s Food-for-Votes Program

Posted February 19, 2013
by Wendy McElroy

During his 2012 bid to become the Republican nominee for President, Newt Gingrich repeatedly called Barack Obama “the food-stamp President.” From the time Obama assumed office in January 2009 through October 2012, the number of people on food stamps spiked from 31.9 million to 47.5, according to the U.S. government’s own data. That is a rise of nearly 50 percent to a peak of 1 in 7 Americans and 1 in 4 children participating. The program's cost has more than doubled in four years, from $30 billion to $72 billion. So, it seems, there was plenty of bread to go with the electoral circus.

The food stamp program's new name is Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Critics claim it is economically unsustainable, widely abused, and the harbinger of a colossal welfare state. Advocates insist SNAP is the result of recession—a humanitarian necessity—and that food is a human right. But it is difficult to square food-stamp humanitarianism with other policies issuing from the White House, which add up to an attempt to make people dependent. 

Read more: http://www.fee.org/the_freeman/detail/americas-food-for-votes-program#ixzz2LLewtc5p

More States Tell Federal Gov: Don't Touch Our Guns

Posted February 19, 2013

Since early January, states around the country have been pushing back against attempts at gun banning by proposing legislation that preempts any new federal gun control acts. 

Although the proposals are at different stages in each state, it's encouraging to see that what started in Wyoming in early January and then spread to Texas and Oklahoma has now come to include Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Michigan, Nebraska, Arizona, and Washington.

Long before these states dug in for the long fight against post-Sandy Hook gun grabbers, other states, led by Montana and Tennessee, had seen enough during Obama's first term to pass measures declaring new federal firearm laws unenforceable on guns and ammunition produced and sold within their own borders. 

The law in Montana is facing legal challenges now, but Gary Marbut, the man behind the legislation, says he wrote it "to set up a legal challenge" which could "roll back a half a century of bad precedent."


In defense of Christine O’Donnell

Posted February 18, 2013

Americans love to watch public figures eviscerated publicly. Progressives love to bash conservatives. And the media will go out of their way to cripple conservative candidates (even if it means missing wildly and making an ass out of themselves, i.e., Wolf Blitzer and Marco Rubio’s water bottle). But progressives, the media and the American public will eventually cease their assault, if for no other reason than the story gets old and the appetite for schadenfreude eventually wanes.

For over two years now, center-right political professionals — from Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove down to local GOP pols — have trashed Christine O’Donnell without relent. They’ve made her name synonymous with embarrassing failure. The declamations are tossed off casually by TV’s alleged conservatives, usually as a cautionary tale. Among the right’s talking heads, Christine O’Donnell is invoked as a two-word epithet utilized to dismiss unfit and extreme Republican candidates, most often upstarts. I object. Partly to correct the historical record, partly to defend Christine, partly to stymie a lingering and erroneous bit of conventional wisdom on the right, but mostly to tell Karl Rove that he can go sit on a volcano, I offer a sadly rare defense of Christine O’Donnell.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/02/15/in-defense-of-christine-odonnell/#ixzz2LFvZjpiL

Climate Change Poll from Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

Posted February 18, 2013


I knew once CA passed legislation for a Carbon Tax it wouldn't be long before other states picked up on the game. A Carbon Tax will only serve to make people like Al Gore, President Obama and all their globalist buddies extremely wealthy. The bank that will process all of the Carbon Taxes is in Chicago and all the usual suspects have holding interests. This is just another scheme to get more money. Vehicle Miles Traveled tax is also coming down the pike. By the time these jokers are done with us we will own nothing and will have no freedoms.

WE MUST STOP THIS IN VT NOW. Please vote and PLEASE PLEASE share. If people are afraid to fill out this survey and provide their email address then fear will destroy us. If you are afraid to stand up then get rid of your email address because they already know everything they need to know about you just by having an email address. If you fill out the survey you will see totals for each question. VT is in BIG TROUBLE. If this passes in VT what state will be next………might be YOURS.

Karen Bracken


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The Ted Cruz Roadblock

Posted February 19, 2013 - RedState

It all goes back to Mitch McConnell’s desire to be Majority Leader at all costs.

When Cruz, who was opposed by much of the Senate GOP leadership in his primary against David Dewcrist, got elected, the Senate GOP Leadership put him into the NRSC. Ever since, the media has portrayed the move as a “balancing act” for Cruz.

In fact, what many in the press miss is the mastery of Mitch McConnell in co-opting incoming Republicans. He takes them on junkets, gives them honorary titles, steers them toward preferred lobbyists to be their chiefs of staff, and puffs them up giving them the perks of leadership connections.

But Cruz hasn’t worked out for McConnell as well as Pat Toomey has.

So now we’re getting the standard leaks from the GOP. Many of the off the record statements sound very much like Lindsey Graham, who has said similar things in the past about growing in office.

What’s more, the media is missing the Stephen Law connection.

Take Karl Rove out of the picture for a minute with the “Conservative Victory Project.”

Stephen Law of American Crossroads and now the Conservative Victory Project, by all accounts a good Christian man, ran McConnell’s Senate campaign then went on to be his Chief of Staff. Like many political consultants and lobbyists in Washington, he left McConnell’s office and has been a useful force for McConnell on the outside.

In January, just after Senator John Cornyn announced that outside groups would be weighing in on GOP primaries, Cornyn happened to run into Stephen Law in the Capitol. It would be reasonable to presume Law was up meeting with McConnell. Based on Cornyn’s statement after encountering Law back in January, Cornyn clearly had been briefed that Crossroads would be getting involved in the primary process.

The Conservative Victory Project is nothing more than Mitch McConnell’s Super PAC. But things aren’t going to plan.

McConnell roped Ted Cruz into the NRSC thereby implying that NRSC backed candidates would have Ted’s blessing.

His former Chief of Staff then joined with Karl Rove to set up a so called “Conservative Victory Project” to support NRSC favored candidates who, by virtue of Ted Cruz being on the NRSC, would be presumed to be supported by Ted.

But Cruz keeps acting like a real conservative.
So now the McConnell leadership team must do what it did to Jim DeMint. The “grown ups” are whispering about how Ted just won’t conform himself to the ways of the Senate and behave like a “statement.” Their friends in the op-ed pages and reporters who covet leadership access are all using Republicans who sound like Lindsey Graham and Lamar Alexander to attack Ted Cruz.


GOP leadership: What messaging problem?

Posted February 19, 2013

A report out Friday in Politico talks of Republican leaders meeting behind closed doors last week to “both craft an agenda that confronts the ghosts of Congresses past and figure out a way to sell it to the American people.”

Before getting too excited, reports are that GOP strategist Karl Rove was present, floating ideas such as having “every single Republican to give a floor speech on the same topic with the same message, in a bid to grab headlines.”

Or, in other words, act like Democrats.

According to Politico, some widely accepted fixes did emerge from the week-long talks:

Rule one: Stop talking like the world is going to end. Budgetary politics is important to the GOP, but voters are going to stop voting for a party that talks about gloom and doom around the clock.

Rule two: Stop repealing regulations no one has heard of. It’s nice to be the party of cutting red tape, Republicans say, but no one has heard of boiler MACT or utility MACT… Package regulation cutting together, and explain that people’s energy will be cheaper.

Rule three: Sand down the party’s rough edges. Pass education bills and immigration legislation. Stop screaming about red ink and spending too much.

Stop pointing out the effects of the progressive left’s disastrous policies, stop worrying about little things like the national debt and work on the “rough edges” (see tea party). It certainly looks as if the GOP has things well under control — fix these things and it will be smooth sailing from here on out.


Day of Resistance February 23, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Gambles

Posted February 18, 2013
Lee Cary

Newly-minted U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is risking his political career by, as the New York Times reports, “taking confrontational Tea Party sensibilities to new heights.”

Times’ Jonathan Weisman calls Cruz “Washington’s new bad boy.” (Begs the question: Who was the old one?”)

Weisman adds that, “[E]ven some Republican colleagues are growing publicly frustrated with a man who has taken the zeal of the prosecutor and applied it to the decorous quarters of the Senate.”

Oh, oh. Ted’s in trouble now. He’s embarrassing the Old Guard by being indecorously zealous. And what’s more, he’s being disagreeable, according to another prestigious news outlet. Read More...

TX Senator Ted Cruz: Confusing the Old Guys

Posted February 18, 2013

Democrats in Washington—including honorary Democrats Lindsay Graham and John McCain– are confused.

Who changed the rules and allowed a junior Senator to question the establishment?  The old guys are completely baffled because in just a little over two months, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is literally turning Washington upside down and asking some very important questions about Chuck Hagel.

“I made promises to the people of Texas that I would come to Washington to shake up the status quo,” he said in an e-mail interview with the New York Times. “That is what I intend to do, and it is what I have done in every way possible in the responsibilities that have been granted to me.”


The SENTINEL Newsletter

Posted February 16, 2013



TURF Lobby Day March 12, 2013


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