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Tea Party Phoenix: Return of Grass Roots

January 22, 2013

It was always going to be the case that the Democrats and the media would oppose the "tea party," as it threatened them imposing their views on the country. But, in the last two years, it was also opposed by large segments of the establishment GOP, who were annoyed they were being held to account for their stated views in support of limited government. They sought to marginalize these newly active conservatives and even, at times, abetted the media's vilification of them.

At the same time, some national tea party organizations morphed into something more closely resembling traditional GOP organizations. They raised millions of dollars and spent it largely the way Republicans do -- on expensive TV ad buys. Without the constant nourishment necessary, the grass roots withered.

There is, however, a way forward for conservatives. Obama and the Democrats have arrogantly made gun control an issue again. This has the potential to galvanize millions of conservatives on a core principle. Also, in the next two years, key provisions of ObamaCare come into effect. Few Americans have felt the effects of ObamaCare yet. That will change over the next 18 months. When they do, conservatives will have another opportunity to institutionalize the nation's center-right views.

That said, to win in 2014 and beyond, conservatives will have to return to the grass roots activism that delivered them in 2010. Not necessarily rallies, but the one-on-one, neighbor-to-neighbor organizing that was a hallmark of that midterm election.


Social coupon website Groupon no longer offering gun deals

Posted January 22, 2013

Groupon canceled a gun shop owner’s offer for a concealed handgun training course last week, prompting the owner to call for a boycott of the website, AOL Daily Finance reported Sunday.

Michael Cargill, owner of Austin’s Central Texas Gun Works, kicked off the Groupon deal last week Tuesday. The deal’s popularity initially prompted Groupon to offer to raise Cargill’s limit from 500 users to 1,500, until Groupon decided to prematurely cancel the offer on Friday. The deal was supposed to run through January 19.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/01/22/groupon-decides-to-suck-by-putting-gun-deals-on-hiatus/#ixzz2Ii59NSiS

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — James Taylor on gun control: ‘We need to make some sacrifice[s] to our freedoms’

Posted January 22, 2013

WASHINGTON — Addressing the issue of gun control, singer-songwriter James Taylor told The Daily Caller that Americans “need to make some sacrifice[s] to our freedoms” in order to keep children safe.

Following his performance at President Obama’s second inauguration, TheDC asked Taylor if he agreed with Obama’s executive actions on gun control.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/01/22/exclusive-video-james-taylor-on-gun-control-we-need-to-make-some-sacrifices-to-our-freedoms/#ixzz2Ii7U0Kx5

Ohioans Sideline Sale of Ohio Turnpike

January 21, 2013 by Terri Hall

In a victory for state sovereignty, property rights, and taxpayers, the grassroots managed to defeat Ohio Governor John Kasich’s proposal of selling off the Ohio Turnpike to a private toll operator using a controversial public private partnership (P3). The state officially pulled the plug on the P3, announcing the turnpike would stay public but the state will issue bonds backed by future toll revenues to generate needed cash. Kasich considered the turnpike an ‘unused asset’ that he could sell-off for a half century to get $3 billion now for other road projects. But Ohioans had a different opinion.

More: http://www.examiner.com/article/ohioians-sideline-sale-of-ohio-turnpike

West Point center cites dangers of 'far right' in U.S.

Re-Posted January 20, 2013

A West Point think tank has issued a paper warning America about "far right" groups such as the "anti-federalist" movement, which supports "civil activism, individual freedoms and self-government."

The report issued this week by the Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., is titled "Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America's Violent Far-Right."



Posted January 19, 2013

In the 1982 consent decree, the Republican Party made an agreement effectively barring the RNC from “engag[ing] and assist(ing) in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC obtains the court’s approval in advance.” They basically made an agreement with the Democratic Party NOT to ensure voting integrity and NOT to pursue suspected vote fraud.



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Collin County Sheriff Won't Enforce Gun Laws That He Says Violate Constitution

Posted January 22, 2013

Collin County Sheriff Terry Box says he, nor his deputies, will enforce unconstitutional gun laws put in place by whom he calls misguided politicians.

View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com.


'Groupon' cancels all gun-related deals: Austin gun instructor calls for boycott

Posted January 22, 2013

For those who don't know, the immensely popular website "Groupon" provides you with the best deals in your city.

Michael Cargill is a local gun store owner and handgun instructor who we've told you about several times over the last couple of weeks.

He's been able to capitalize on all of the recent gun politics by offering a Groupon deal for discount concealed handgun license classes.

It was a hot-seller for him until Groupon pulled it Friday morning.

Read more: http://www.myfoxaustin.com/story/20628164/groupon-cancels-all-gun-related-deals-austin-gun-instructor-calls-for-boycott#ixzz2Ii0w6QPV

Court rejects San Antonio student’s First Amendment appeal over forced tracking chips

Posted January 22, 2013

The 15-year-old student who is suing a San Antonio school district because she refuses to wear a radio-frequency-enabled badge on religious grounds has lost another round in court, this time in a federal appeals court.

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans declined to issue an injunction on behalf of Andrea Hernandez last week, reports the San Antonio Express-News. Hernandez and her family say wearing the required badges is the equivalent of accepting the Book of Revelation's "mark of the beast" that symbolizes submission to the Antichrist.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/01/22/court-rejects-san-antonio-students-first-amendment-appeal-over-forced-tracking-chips/#ixzz2Ii5Y4t97

Texas CSCOPE Review

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R.W. Bray for Texas Senate

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NE Tarrant Tea Party’s Citizen Lobbyist Program

Program kicks off on January 23, 2013

There is NO better way to influence our State Reps than to be there in person!  And so that’s exactly what NE Tarrant Tea Party plans to do…  send patriots into the Capitol Building every week during the legislative session to influence our State Reps.

More Info at NE Tarrant TEA Party...


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SOS - Special Operations Speaks

Following everything about Benghazi and gun control. Great website!

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