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“Citadel.” Convicted extortionist’s latest con gets huge play on Drudge

Posted January 15, 2013

Readers may recall that Christian Hyman, aka Sam Kerodin, is not exactly a favorite of mine, since he appeared out of nowhere and attempted to hijack the Three Percent philosophy (with some success since there are suckers born every minute, apparently).

His latest scam is something called “Citadel,” wherein he persuades folks to invest in an “Armed ‘Defensible’ Neighborhood Fortress” in Idaho.

It must be admitted that he has certainly scored another propaganda coup by talking the credulous CNS reporter into writing a story that is headlined on Drudge at the moment. Wait for the “exposes” of “gun rights criminals” which will flow from this story when the “mainstream” media begin digging into it. Can a guest shot on Piers Morgan be far behind? A very useful federal stooge is Mr. Hyman, whether he’s being paid or not.


Australia's Wayne Swan Blames TEA Party for Global Economic Woes

Revised January 15, 2013

WAYNE Swan has blamed the conservative Tea Party movement in the US for damaging the global economy and contributing to the “whack” to Australia’s budget position that has ruined Labor’s planned 2012-13 surplus.

The Acting Prime Minister and Treasurer used Twitter yesterday to warn that the looming fiscal cliff in the US, coupled with the European debt crisis, had directly affected Australia by reducing tax receipts, thus undermining next year’s budget surplus. Read More...

A Rebuttal from a Patriot to Wayne Swan

January 15, 2013

Wayne, Sure would like to debate you on what a tea party member is all about. I would like to tell you how he/she loves America, Freedom and liberty. I would tell you how many of us fought in the Military in foreign wars, and came home to see our politicians acting like the ones they sent us to fight. Boy would I like to tell you something, Mister. You do not have a clue, who we are or what we stand for. Do not guess that matters to you, but I would like to tell you a thing or two. RRose US Army Special Forces, Mike Force Vietnam 1968-69, retired Police Investigator and most of all a Patriot of Freedom and Liberty for all. For all, I say; not just the politician.

Editor Note: Mr. Swan, the ball is in your court. If you would like to have a conversation with Mr. Rose, we can arrange the introduction.


By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.
January 15, 2013
"I believe what Republican Abraham Lincoln believed: That government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves, and no more." --Barack Obama
Horse Manure! What our imperialist president means is that the government, in his mind, must maintain absolute control over the thoughts and actions of the great unwashed that they might be collectively subject to totalitarian rigid discipline, order, and systematization. In this regard he is much like Abraham Lincoln, that great flamboyant deceiver who regimented a nation by the instrument of war; a war that he conceived and set into motion unilaterally in spite of opposition by the people - or their representatives - whom he was elected to serve domestically and represent internationally as president. Read more...

Joe Biden: White House Has Identified 19 Executive Actions Obama Can Take on Guns

Posted January 15, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden on Monday told a group of sympathetic House Democrats that the White House has identified 19 executive actions President Barack Obama can take to unilaterally act on gun control, Politico reports.

Because the Obama administration understands that enacting sweeping gun control legislation through Congress would be difficult, it has placed an emphasis on the use of executive orders to get around Congress, the elected representatives of the American people, and strengthen gun regulations.

More on TheBlaze.com

February 8, 2013: Million Man March for the 2nd Amendment

Patriots, the time has come to take a stand.

On February 8, 2013, join your fellow citizens and march on your state’s capital for our 2nd Amendment Rights before there is nothing left to stand for! Read More...


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January 15, 2013
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Texas Republicans have a Primary Problem~

Posted January 15, 2013

It is true.

Think about this for a moment. Just as Weston Hicks stated in the article

Texas Conservative Responsibility ~ AgendaWise.com

“……if transparency and accountability are good things, running a speaker race, regardless of the outcome, is excellent for the state of Texas.

This is because normal order in politics is to have a small band of unapologetic bad guys in the legislature, a small band of unapologetic good guys in the legislature, and a huge ambiguous middle who are relatively unsorted.

The speaker’s race changes all of that. It basically provides Texans rankings for the entire House. Who has guts, and did they have it early, middle, or late?” 

What is interesting about what has transpired on the ground as the speakers race unfoldeded is the the huge ambiguous middle has been exposed. With the networking and coordination of Tea Party/Grassroots/Conservative Republican/Conservative Libertarians the political establishment is going to be hearing from folks at home. Get ready for the primary folks because it is time to clean the Texas House! Read More...

NE Tarrant Tea Party’s Citizen Lobbyist Program

Posted January 15th, 2013

There is NO better way to influence our State Reps than to be there in person!  And so that’s exactly what NE Tarrant Tea Party plans to do…  send patriots into the Capitol Building every week during the legislative session to influence our State Reps.

NETTP has a good reputation in Austin as being a group to be reckoned with.  We must build that reputation… and confirm it!  This is, perhaps, one of the most important endeavors we have ever taken on.  So come learn with us as we go…  if you are a citizen, we need you as a Citizen Lobbyist! More Info at NE Tarrant TEA Party...

Early Voting Under Way in the Special Election for Texas Senate District 6

Posted January 12, 2013

R.W. BrayDay one of the Texas Senate District 6 Special Election was astounding.  There were a total of 328 votes cast from all the early voting locations and mail-in as reported by the office of the county clerk. 

Only 288 people actually walked into a polling place on Wednesday. 40 votes were cast by mail-in.

Over the 12-day early voting period, an average of 328 votes would put the total of votes cast below 4,000! More votes are cast in races for president of the student body.

There are just under 250,000 registered voters in this district! Despite the socialist Dems flooding television with ads, this race is under the radar. Whoever is able to inform their voters and get them to the polls, will be the victor. 

There is only one conservative in the race and that is R.W. Bray. We need to rally the troops and do what we can to help R.W. Bray win this race. More on R.W. Bray

Will you be in Austin Tuesday?
If so, Stop the Magnet needs your help!

PRESS 1 For English - Protest

National, and state, Republican Party leadership will gather at the Omni Hotel in Austin to devise a plan for gathering more Hispanic voters while Americans are left to face the growing threat of illegal immigration. Please stand with us OUTSIDE this event as we display a large banner in opposition to the invasion of our state and the displacement of American citizens.

When: Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Time: 1:30 to 4:30
Where: Omni Hotel Downtown Austin TX
RSVP your intentions to magnacarta@stopthemagnet.com.


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SOS - Special Operations Speaks

Following everything about Benghazi and gun control. Great website!

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