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January 11, 2013

Army SSG Chauncy Mays died in Afghanistan on February 28, 2011. He was the first soldier born and raised in Titus county that was KIA since the Vietnam War. His father Tommy Mays spoke to the Titus County Commissioners in June of 2011 and asked that the FM 2348 segment of the new loop be named after his son to honor his life and his sacrifice for this country. The agenda item was tabled without discussion by our commissioners court indefinately.

It seemed like an awesome idea and I followed up on it with our State Representative Bryan Hughes and found that it would have to be introduced as a bill in the State Legislature since none of the road is inside the city limits. Rep Hughes and his Chief of Staff in Austin have done the groundwork with TXDot and need nothing more than verbal approval from our county officials to proceed with a bill to designate the FM 2348 segment of the loop to be named Army SSG Chauncy Mays Memorial Highway. I have told the county judge that the signs will be paid by private donations, Rep Hughes just needs the green light to proceed!

Now, this is where I need your help to  make a family's dream become a reality. The item is on the agenda for the Commissioner's meeting this Monday, January 14, but it is worded to name a "segment of FM 2348 or the future FM 4000" in memory of Chauncy. I cannot conceive that this court could not honor and respect the request of a father who has lost his son defending our freedom. If Tommy Mays wants the 3.1 mile segment of road, FM 2348, named after his son, that is EXACTLY what this court should do. Chauncy was raised in Cookville and attended Chapel Hill High School, so the new road would have become a daily path for him.

If you agree with me, please attend the meeting on Monday and e-mail Judge Lee at titusjudge@gmail.com. and request that this court give back to a solider that gave all and give the OK for Rep Hughes to introduce a bill in Austin to designate the entire 3.1 mile segment of FM 2348 as Army SSG Chauncy Mays Memorial Highway.

This court dropped the ball last summer on acting on this father's request and 7 months have passed without it appearing on the agenda again. It will be discussed Monday because I contacted Rep Hughes Chief of Staff in Austin again and he in turn contacted Judge Lee. Honoring this soldier and this family, his parents, the two little girls and wife he left behind, should have been a priority item for this court a long time ago.

Barbara Bruechner - Mount Pleasant Tea Party

15-Year Old Boy Uses AR-15 to Defend Himself, Sister Against Home Invaders

Posted January 11, 2013

A 15-year old boy used his father’s AR-15 to defend himself and his 12-year old sister against two burglars at their home just north of Houston, Texas.

Their father is a Harris County Precinct 1 deputy constable, and the boy knew what he had to do to keep himself and his sister alive. Around 2:30 PM, two men tried to break in, with one going through the front door and the other in the back.
The boy grabbed the AR-15 and shot at them. The two later showed up at a Tomball hospital. The adult was hit three times and was flown to Memorial Hermann hospital, while the juvenile was taken back to the crime scene.
“We don't try to hide things from our children in law enforcement,” Lt. Jeffrey Stauber said. “That young boy was protecting his sister. He was in fear for his life and her life.”


Chicago Teachers Union President Talks About Beheading The Rich; Crowd Laughs, Applauds

Posted January 11, 2013

Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union: “At this very moment I still believe there is one party in this country – that is, the party of money, with two branches. Do not think for a minute that the wealthy are ever going to allow you to legislate their riches away from them. Please understand that. However, we are in a moment where the wealth disparity in this country is very reminiscent of the robber baron ages. The labor leaders of that time, though, were ready to kill. They were. They were just – off with their heads. They were seriously talking about that. I don’t think we’re at that point, The key is that they think nothing of killing us, They think nothing about putting us in harm’s way."


Lawmakers taking Texas off fiscal cliff with road debt

by Terri Hall - Posted January 11, 2013

Thirty-one billion and counting. That’s how much road debt Texas Governor Rick Perry and Texas lawmakers have racked-up since they abandoned pay-as-you-go and started down the road of borrow and spend road policy. In fact, federal data shows Texas has the highest road debt of any state in America. Read more...

911 Alert for Texas: URGENT: Please Call Your Texas State Rep. - Support Bill Zedler's Rules Changes!

January 10, 2013

Call to Action:

Contact your local Texas House Reps to support proposal by Rep. Bill Zedler (R) Arlington to amend the House Rules as follows:

a. No Committee Chairmen could serve on the Calendars Committee. The Calendars Committee basically controls what legislation is brought up for a 'floor vote;' and

b. If a measure has 76 or more co-authors the Calendars Committee must submit it to the House Floor for an up or down vote within 7 to 10 days. By the way a similar provision is in place in the U. S. House of Representatives. It is called a 'bill of petition.'

Corruption under the existing rules during the last session caused several liberty-minded bills that had broad popular support to never see the 'light of day.' Although the Anti-TSA Groping Bill did finally reach the House Floor towards the end of the 82nd General Session, it's pace, to say the least, was 'leisurely.'

These House Rules reforms will be voted on sometime between this Thursday, January 10 through Monday, January 14 on the floor of the House. Let's immediately contact our local Texas House lawmakers and insist that they vote for these changes. This will 'decentralize' the powers that currently reside exclusively with the House Speaker and that will 'serve as a wall' against future corruption of the legislative process.



Is Ted Cruz Eligible to Run for President?

January 10, 2013

In a testament to Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s (R) star power, Politico recently questioned whether Cruz would ever be eligible to run for president.

It is a question many have asked after Cruz started to gain momentum in his Texas Republican Senate primary against Texas Lieutenant Gov. David Dewhurst.

Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother (who was born in Delaware and had lived in the country for at least ten consecutive years) and a father who was born in Cuba.

There is no legal precedent for Cruz’s case, which is why people on the right, left, and in legal circles have been curious about whether Cruz would be in fact eligible to run for president.

The U.S. Constitution states that only a “natural born Citizen” can be eligible to run for president. 

As Yale law professor Bruce Ackerman told the publication, “The question ultimately is, What do we mean by a natural born citizen?”


GOP: Government shutdown better than 50-50

January 10, 2013

President Obama's refusal to consider spending cuts during the upcoming debt ceiling debate and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi's call for more taxes has top Republicans predicting stalemate and a chance of 50-50 or better of a government shutdown next month.
Top House leadership aides said that the GOP is mapping a plan to reject new taxes and demand a dollar-for-dollar spending cut for every added dollar of debt. "We will have all GOP members united with Speaker Boehner and the leadership," said a House leadership advisor. "The president has gotten the last nickle of new tax for the remainder of his presidency."
Key advisors said the initial result will likely be a shutdown. Two top aides put the likelihood at 50 percent.
But in a call to Secrets, Michigan Rep. Bill Huizenga said, "It went up, frankly, hearing Pelosi say that revenues and tax rates aren't done."


John Stossel: A man's home is his subsidy

January 10, 2013

The Obama administration now proposes to spend millions more on handouts, despite ample evidence of their perverse effects.

Shaun Donovan, secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, says, "The single most important thing HUD does is provide rental assistance to America's most vulnerable families -- and the Obama administration is proposing bold steps to meet their needs." They always propose "bold steps."

In this case, HUD wants to spend millions more to renew Section 8 housing vouchers that help poor people pay rent.

The Section 8 program ballooned during the '90s to "solve" a previous government failure: crime-ridden public housing. Rent vouchers allow the feds to disperse tenants from failed projects into private residencies. There, poor people would learn good habits from middle-class people.

It was a reasonable idea. But, as always, there were unintended consequences.


Conservatives threaten primaries against GOP leaders

January 10, 2013

Congressional conservatives, angry at fellow Republicans who supported a "fiscal cliff" deal that raised taxes without cutting federal spending, have launched an online campaign bashing those lawmakers and are considering recruiting Republican primary challengers against the incumbents in 2014.

ForAmerica, a new group headed by conservative activist Brent Bozell, launched a Web ad campaign Wednesday against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who co-authored the fiscal cliff deal needed to avoid massive tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts from hitting at year's end.

The ad asks, "Mitch McConnell: Whose side are you on?" The spot will run in Kentucky, where McConnell is up for re-election next year. The ad also will appear on the Drudge Report and other popular websites.



January 9, 2013

For the second straight election cycle we have been lead on a wild goose chase by what we thought was conservative politicians who were up to the fight, "any fight". But when it came time to do some swinging they ran from the ring in similar fashion to the first speaker showdown. The thinking was, since David Simpson didn’t have enough votes to win he would just withdraw. Wow! Straus wins by unanimous consent “without a vote” and everyone has cover, even the one’s whose campaign promise was to vote no on Straus. Out of 150 legislators not one could muster the courage to call for a vote and any one of them could have. Instead they circled the wagons to protect themselves and laid out an alternative rule strategy. The people truly had no representation today. You’re going to see the reactions in the videos we post at Lone Star Tea Party.US. You have to question, are we being lead in circles by design? Read More...

Economy Grows, Revenues Increase After Texas Slashes Spending

January 9, 2013

The Texas state comptroller estimated Texas will generate $96.2 billion in revenue for the 2014-2015 fiscal cycle and reported Texas collected $8.8 billion more in revenue than expected during the last fiscal year.

When unemployment in Texas was at its highest in a decade and the state government faced a $27 billion shortfall in 2011, legislators wrote what was then described as a “cut-to-the-bone” budget. 
And it worked. 
According to the Associated Press, “unemployment now is at a four-year low of 6.2 percent, sales tax receipts are skyrocketing and money is pouring into state coffers behind a new energy boom.”
And while Texas is projected to have more revenue to spend, Gov. Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst have indicated they would “limit any increase in state spending to a sum of population growth plus inflation, or 9.85 percent,” to prevent Texas from racking another budget shortfall.