Clear Lakes Tea Party Issues Press Release Critical of 83rd Legislative Budget


by Mary Huls–

The CLTP has issued a press release expressing disappointment with the broken promises of the Governor and the House Speaker to pass a fiscally sound and conservative budget. Apparently, the more money available per the Texas Comptroller meant more money to spend.

The CLTP notes that very soon the lawmakers will be returning to their districts touting how “conservative” they were and bragging about how they did not raise taxes (in fact, they will claim they cut taxes by extending the small business margins tax).  We cannot wait for that to happen.  The CLTP is setting an example that we hope other tea party groups will follow by taking the corrupt, free-spending liberals and establishment RINOs to task and openly discussing the spending and budgeting choices made through the 2014 Texas primaries.

The CLTP hopes that you will spread this press release through your media outlets and social media.

 Mary Huls

President, Clear Lake Tea Party


 Clear Lake Tea Party Critical of 83rd Legislative Budget

May 28, 2013 (Clear Lake, TX) – The Clear Lake Tea Party (CLTP) has noted with great disappointment the end of the 83rd Texas legislative session. While there were some last minute conservative victories due to grassroots pressure placed upon the Legislature and the Governor leading to passage of SB 1406 to place CSCOPE under the State Board of Education oversight and a veto of SB 346 by the Governor upholding freedom of speech and the right of association under the first amendment, much was lost in the final session regarding the Texas Budget.

On Sunday, the Texas Legislature with huge Republican majorities in both chambers passed SB 1 (budget bill) and HB 1045 (raid on TX Rainy Day Fund). Mary Huls stated “even though Governor Perry put forth a Budget Compact and Speaker Straus promised to end budgeting ‘smoke and mirror’ tricks, the 83rd Legislature has managed to put forth a budget that greatly exceeds the growth of population and inflation and is a 26 percent increase over the last session’s budget (including the first supplemental spending bill, HB 10). Increasing the budget by $22B over the last budget is an outrage in these financial times.” These “tricks” included passing SRJ1, a constitutional amendment to transfer money from the Rainy Day Fund (RDF) to a State Infrastructure Bank for future water investments outside the constitutional spending cap. With the budget and the proposed amendment, legislators intend to spend approximately $4 billion from the RDF. God help us if we find ourselves in a natural disaster like our neighbors to the north in Moore, OK. The CLTP is greatly disappointed with the 83rd Legislature for busting the spending cap and not protecting the RDF, as was promised by a Republican-controlled Legislature that vowed to be fiscally conservative, especially after the last session!

Indeed, the Republican-controlled House mocked and ridiculed several members who rose time and again to speak to conservative principles and values and implore their fellow members not to pass this expansive budget. The CLTP offers a heart-felt thanks to Rep. Simpson and Rep. Van Taylor for attempting to defend Texas taxpayers.

The CLTP is providing this press release in advance of the undoubtedly thousands of mailers from our Republican lawmakers expressing what a “good job” they did and how “conservative” they were. We at the CLTP ask the public to pay close attention to the many report cards conservative grassroots organizations will be providing to grade our legislators in this session. It is no longer enough to judge a legislator by whether they have an “R” or a “D” after their name. We, the people of Texas, must hold those whom we have put in a position of leadership accountable for their actions in our name. Ultimately, the CLTP regards a lost opportunity in this year’s session as an opportunity gained in the upcoming Texas primaries to select men and women of the proper moral and principled character to properly represent the people of Texas.

About the Clear Lake Tea Party: The Clear Lake Tea Party is a nonprofit corporation made up of conservative Americans who uphold the US Constitution, educate the public, and hold our elected officials accountable.  They are Citizen Lobbyists who monitor & lobby the Texas Legislature and the U.S. Congress.  They are Taxpayer Advocates who stand up for all hard-working Americans. Mary Huls, of Friendswood, is the current President of the CLTP. Further information can be found at


Mary Huls