Citizens for Self-Governance Files Class Action Suit Against the IRS


by Mark Meckler–

Dear Fellow Citizen,

You probably have already heard that  Citizens for Self-Governance filed the first class action suit against the IRS last week.  Due to the huge influx of emails to us, I want to give you more information about the lawsuit and to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we have received this week.

Focused on making the IRS accountable for its actions, Citizens for Self-Governance (CSG) has filed this lawsuit on behalf of tea parties, religious organizations and other liberty groups targeted for harassment and abuse by the IRS.  Not only is this the first class action filed in regard to this issue, but it is also the first litigation of any kind in the nation arising out of the IRS scandal.

The litigation, NorCal Tea Party Patriots v. I.R.S. was filed in Federal Court in Ohio (the location of the “Exempt Organizations Division” of the IRS), on Monday, May 21, 2013.   This class action lawsuit is being sponsored and funded by Citizens for Self Governance (CSG).  

 CSG is facilitating the lawsuit at no cost to the represented organizations because it fits our mission of returning power to the citizens by dispersing power away from unaccountable bureaucracies like the IRS.  CSG will not receive any remuneration for our participation before, during or after the litigation is complete.

If your organization (or one that you know) had its tax-exempt status delayed or denied, or if the IRS has sought excessive information from your group because of its political views, then you (or they) may be a member of this class.  The intent of the lawsuit is to make these groups financially whole, and to expose and prevent this type of behavior by the IRS in the future.

While many organizations are expressing their outrage, and that’s important, CSG has taken action on behalf of grassroots organizations everywhere, and is already on the offense against the IRS.  Our lead attorney is a former U.S. Attorney — that’s right, he was a federal prosecutor.  He was chosen because we felt it was important to have someone in charge of the case who will act like a highly aggressive prosecutor on behalf of affected groups, and who isn’t in it for personal publicity or to raise money for his own non-profit group.  We wanted someone who will go at the IRS like a bulldog prosecutor after a gang of criminal thugs, and there is no one better than a former U.S. Attorney to do that.  We also have one of the top class action attorneys in the nation on the case.

Other organizations might ultimately seek to sue the IRS over this, but very few have high level, private sector expert attorneys in the very complex area of class action litigation.  We do because we are dead serious about prevailing against the IRS on behalf of grassroots groups.  Many will seek publicity from this scandal, and many are.  But we are here to fight the IRS, and we are here to win!

If you wish to learn more about the litigation, or read the complaint, or you just want to help us help the groups who were abused by the IRS, you can do so at  If you are sick and tired of abuse by the IRS, and want to help us financially (all money supports the litigation), you can make a donation at the site as well.

If you have information about the IRS targeting groups or you want more information about joining this lawsuit, please contact the law firm handling the case by emailing Nichole Kruger at  You may also call her at:  (816) 256-3181.

If you know other people or groups who may be interested in this, please feel free to forward this email.

Yours in liberty,

Mark Meckler, President
Citizens for Self-Governance
(530) 274-9900 Office
Facebook:  Citizens4SG
Twitter:  @Self_Governance

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