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Steve Toth unseats incumbent Rob Eissler!

Straus' Public Education Committee chairman, State Rep. Rob Eissler, was defeated by tea party favorite Steve Toth in HD15. You might recall that back in 2008 Mr. Eissler was one of the 11 moderates who joined with 65 Democrats in selecting Straus as the speaker – overthrowing the conservatives.

Congratulations Steve Toth!

(Unofficial Election Results)

State Representative District 15
Rob Eissler - Incumbent REP 3,995 46.79% 7,413 43.51%
Steve Toth REP 4,542 53.20% 9,623 56.48%
----------- -----------
Race Total 8,537 17,036
Precincts Reported 31 of 31 Precincts 100.00%

Steve Toth for Texas House District 15

Steve Toth
Republican for the Texas House of Representatives - District 15

Texas Patriots PAC Endorses Steve Toth

"The Texas Patriots PAC was proud to have endorsed Steve long ago. We value Steve's extensive participation on our leadership team. We know Steve well and deeply respect his work ethic and dedication to calling Texans and Americans back to conservative governance. From his family, to his business, and to his leadership in the Tea Party, Steve's passion for a conservative America is both unshakable and contagious. We need to send a principled conservative to Austin that won't bend to the influence of money and power, and that's Steve Toth." ~ Texas Patriots PAC

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has endorsed Steve Toth in his 2012 campaign for the Texas House

"Steve Toth is a principled conservative who will bring practical, commonsense principles to the Texas House," said the president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Michael Quinn Sullivan. "Voters can count on Steve Toth to oppose new taxes, reduce Texans' tax burden, and demand greater accountability for how our money is spent in Austin."

Toth is seeking the Republican nomination against incumbent legislator Rob Eissler in HD15. The primary election is set for Tuesday, May 29.

Added Sullivan: "Steve Toth will fight for the conservative values and principles that Texas voters and taxpayers know will enhance liberty while strengthening our economy." Founder Endorses Steve Toth in Texas HD-15

April 26, 2012 Founder, Michael Kinzie, today announced his endorsement of Steve Toth in his bid to become the next representative in Texas House District 15. Kinzie said of Toth, “Steve is a good solid conservative who has been actively involved in the TEA Party since it began. The voters can count on Steve Toth to oppose any new taxes on Texans, hold Austin accountable for how our tax dollars are being spent, and defend the rights and liberties of Texans from an ever intrusive federal government.”

Steve Toth is looking to unseat incumbent Representative Rob Eissler who was first elected to the seat in 2002. Eissler drew fire from conservative groups when he blocked HB 2491 from receiving a vote. HB 2491, introduced by conservative Representative Dan Flynn, was a moratorium on the implementation of the new statewide student tests which would have saved the schools and taxpayers an estimated $400 million.

Toth, on the other hand, has received the endorsements of conservative heavyweights such as Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Young Conservatives of Texas, and the Texas Patriots PAC. Toth also has the endorsements of Texas Conservative Digest, Texas Homeschool Coalition PAC, and has also been recognized by the Texas Right to Life PAC as a strong pro-life candidate.

Kinzie concluded his statement with, “One of the things I like most about Steve was that his reason for getting involved in politics in the first place was his kids. Steve realizes that what happens in Austin and Washington DC will affect many generations to come. Steve Toth will fight to insure that future generations will not have to pay for our mistakes and that is one of the main reasons why I fully endorse Steve Toth to be the next Representative of Texas House District 15.”

Steve Toth Press Release

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Steve Toth Bio & Info


My father, a first generation American taught our family the importance of faith, family and hard work. I took in those lessons and after graduating from high school, joined my father and brothers in the family business. In 1984, I married my wife, Babette. A few years later I continued my education through evening seminary classes. Today we have three children.

My career journey eventually brought me to “A” Company, a Johnson and Johnson company. There I worked as a regional trainer and developed a practice management consulting program called “Residency to Retirement”. My days at Johnson and Johnson opened many doors including the opportunity to come to Texas as Director of Marketing for Apple Orthodontix. In 1999, I fulfilled a life-long dream of full-time ministry when I was ordained as pastor of Family Life Ministries at Fellowship of The Woodlands, now The Woodlands Church. I loved full-time ministry and am grateful for the opportunity that Fellowship gave me, but I realized that God gave me a heart for both the marketplace and ministry.

Today, I run two companies - Acclaim Pools, a design build firm, and My Pool Xpert, a service and repair business. Currently I serve as a teacher and elder at WoodsEdge Community Church and stay involved in the community through board positions with several non-profit organizations.

I have been involved in the Tea Party Movement since its birth. Envisioning the futures of my daughter, (who recently graduated with honors from UT at Austin) and my two sons compelled me to become actively involved in the state’s political process. My wife and I have given a great deal of thought and prayer to my decision to run for the state legislature. We believe it is time for Americans to stand in the gap for our children, our liberties and our future.



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