R.W. Bray

for Texas Senate District 6


R.W. Bray


2013 Special Election Archives

Special Election State Senator, District 6

Election Night Returns

Unofficial Elections Results As Of: 1/26/2013 9:32:33 PM

State Senator, District 6
Carol Alvarado DEM 3,580 41.64% 6,803 41.61%
R.W. Bray REP 327 3.80% 1,014 6.20%
Susan Delgado DEM 25 0.29% 52 0.31%
Sylvia R. Garcia DEM 4,228 49.18% 7,416 45.36%
Joaquin Martinez DEM 193 2.24% 403 2.46%
Dorothy Olmos REP 152 1.76% 461 2.82%
Rodolfo "Rudy" Reyes IND 62 0.72% 125 0.76%
Maria Selva GRN 29 0.33% 73 0.44%
----------- -----------
Race Total 8,596 16,347
Precincts Reported 227 of 227 Precincts 100.00%

R.W. Bray - Tea Party Supported Candidate in his Campaign for Texas Senate District 6 in the January 26, 2013 special election.

R.W. Bray for Texas Senate District 6

R.W. Bray
Republican Candidate for Texas Senate - District 6

“Bray for Texas" is about renewal, growth and freedom. It's about taking responsibility and stepping out on faith to change the status quo. It's overdue that men of principle sit on our most principal positions. We can't afford to continue doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Texas needs a face lift.

More at http://www.bray4texas.com

Raging Elephants Backing R.W. Bray

The Texas Senate 6 special election is approaching rapidly.  The special Election Day is January 26th. 8 candidates have filed for the seat.  But there is only ONE CONSERVATIVE – RW Bray!

The two power Democrats, Sylvia Garcia and Carol Alverado, have gone up on cable TV.  The Alverado ad features the widow of the late Texas senator for district 6, Mario Gallegos.

Sylvia Garcia is a former Harris County commissioner.  Carol Alverado is a current representative in the Texas House.  They are leftist, pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, and have expressed their desire to stonewall the conservative agenda, and the governor, for this upcoming legislative session.

It’s time to crank up the volunteer, grassroots, ground war.  The campaign is ready to launch remote phone banking.  If you volunteer to phone bank, you will be supplied a short call list, a script, and be able to work at your own schedule from the comfort of your home, from wherever you are in the state.   We are going to have to out-muscle, and out-work the splintered Democrat coalition and base.

The idea is to point ALL THE POWER of the Texas Tea Party and grassroots activists right at Senate District 6!

The Volunteer Coordinator for the RW Bray campaign is Charles Thompson.  To volunteer for phone banking, please contact him at:


Please help RagingElephants.org help the Bray campaign for Texas Senate District 6.  We’d like to provide the campaign with robo calling, polling, and assistance on TV ads.

We’re launching a new donation program: $6 for SD6.  To turn this “blue” seat into the hands of a committed conservative is a rare opportunity.  Please make a donation of $6, or $60, or $600 to make unexpected history for the Texas Senate and give the conservative movement in Texas an enormous boost.


R.W. Bray on the Issues

Supports responsible offshore drilling
Supports small business development
Opposes unnecessary government spending
Opposes raising taxes

Supports pay increase for teachers
Supports private sector funded education
Opposes unrealistic increases in college tuition

Supports transportation reform
Supports more local control of transportation projects

Supports the 10th Amendment
Supports the 2nd Amendment
Supports Property Rights
Opposes the closing of National Guard bases

Supports community advocacy
Supports affordable living for senior citizens
Opposes government intrusion of civil liberties and faith
Supports heterosexual marriage
Supports civic engagement
Opposes funding abortions

Supports Police & Firefighters
Supports Texas State Guard

More at http://www.bray4texas.com


About R.W. Bray


I was born in a little city not too far from the Texas-Louisiana border. I was raised by my grandparents after my mother’s death. I realized that with the absence of a father, I would have to take personal responsibility for my growth. That conviction was embedded in me by my grandfather, a WWII veteran, and my loving grandmother who raised me under a patriotic umbrella. They also held and impressed upon me the belief that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

My commitment to individuality led me to New Orleans where I attended Dillard University in the pursuit of business. Fueled with an entrepreneurial spirit, I found one of Booker T. Washington’s motto’s to reign true: “Economic freedom is the foundation to political freedom.” In college I found that the key to overcoming life’s inequities is to grow in one’s morality and embrace every opportunity to renew one’s commitment to stepping out on faith.

After leaving Dillard University and in the wake of my grandparents' deaths, I found myself following my grandfather’s footsteps-- I joined the United States Air Force. While traveling down life’s odyssey, I met my "wife to be" in the city of Austin. Not long into our marriage and establishing a home in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina swept away our hopes and eventually our union, but not my personal dream of renewal, renewal for myself, the great state of Texas that adopted me and for the country that allows me the freedom to defend its Constitution and mine.

In lieu of all life’s lessons, good times and bad, failures and successes, degrees and certificates, all of it would be for naught, if I did not commit myself and my voice to bettering the lives of those who can relate, understand, and empathize with my history, but more importantly the future of our existence as citizens, as "We the

More at http://www.bray4texas.com


Voter Lookup & Registration Tool


Our Voter Lookup Tool lets you check on whether your friends and family are registered to vote, and our Voter Registration Tool lets you fill out a voter registration form for your state online, print it, sign it, and mail it in if you are not registered.

Our Voter Lookup Tool also has an "email form" button for your convenience to send a voter registration form to your friends, family, and neighbors who are not registered to vote!

So, get involved, get active, and encourage those around you to get out and vote!






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