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Rob Roark lost in his bid for the U.S. Representative of Texas District 35. Susan Narvaiz side-stepped a runoff with 51% of the vote.

(Unofficial Election Results)

U. S. Representative District 35
Susan Narvaiz REP 3,057 52.03% 6,034 51.78%
Rob Roark REP 1,726 29.37% 3,450 29.60%
John Yoggerst REP 1,092 18.58% 2,168 18.60%
----------- -----------
Race Total 5,875 11,652
Precincts Reported 235 of 235 Precincts 100.00% Founder, Michael Kinzie announces his endorsement of Rob Roark for US Congress in Texas Congressional District 35
May 11, 2012

Rob Roark for US Congress in Texas Congressional District 35

Rob Roark
Republican Candidate for US Congress in Texas Congressional District 35 Founder, Michael Kinzie, today announced his endorsement of Rob Roark in his bid to become the first Representative from the newly formed Texas Congressional District 35. Kinzie said of Roark, “Rob has proven himself to be a fighter for the conservative values of fiscal responsibility and limited government while working with the San Marcos 9/12 Patriots and various other grassroots organizations. Rob is a firm believer that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and every vote he will cast as a Congressman will be in strict accordance to the Constitution.”

Rob Roark faces Susan Narvaiz and John Yoggerst in the Republican primary race for the United States Congress seat of Texas Congressional District 35. Early voting for the race begins on May 14th and ends on May 25th with the primary election date slated for May 29th.

Rob has a history of leadership in his community and in grassroots politics. Since 2005 Rob has been a weekly volunteer with the Hays County Food Bank. Rob has organized the San Marcos Tax Day Rally yearly since 2009 and has been involved in multiple campaigns, including Jason Isaac’s campaign for State Representative, and Bert Cobb’s campaign for Hays County Judge. In August, 2010 Rob launched We the People: San Marcos, a community interest and activism program that broadcasts weekly on By the end of 2010, We the People was the most-watched program on the station. Rob is a member of numerous organizations, including the San Marcos 9/12 Patriots, San Marcos Area Republican Texan Group, and the Texas Liberty Campaign.

Kinzie concluded his statement with, “Rob has proven himself here at home. Now is the time to send Rob Roark to Washington DC to fight for Texas from the inside – in the trenches of the US Congress. I fully endorse Rob Roark in his campaign to be the Representative from Texas for CD-35 and I encourage grassroots patriots to step up and help send Rob to DC.”

Rob Roark Press Release

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Rob Roark Bio & Info



Rob Roark is a constitutional conservative Republican. Mr. Roark's core governing ideals are freedom, justice, the rule of law, fiscal responsibility, respect for life, honesty, and transparency in leadership. Mr. Roark is not a career politician and has no intention to become one. Mr. Roark believes that one cornerstone of our republic is the voluntary service of normal, everyday, citizen leaders - people that take responsibility to serve their country and their community for a period of time, and then return to that community to let others carry the banner of leadership. Endless election cycles, constant campaigns, and the influence of special interests and corporate lobbies - these are the hallmarks of an incumbent leadership that has been in office and on the public payroll for too long. Rob Roark is an everyday citizen leader that will set an example of what it means to be a real public servant.

The planks of Rob Roark's platform are his "three C's": Common Sense, Community, and the Constitution.

Common Sense

I think we can all agree there's a shortage of this particular natural resource in Washington. Roark's grass-roots, citizen-leadership approach to politics can bring a fresh infusion of common sense to government, and is the best representation of the common sense people of central Texas. If it doesn't look right, or it doesn't smell right, or if it's not good for CD-35, then we don't need it - and Rob Roark won't vote for it.


It is Rob Roark's mission to bring communities together, break down the barriers of federal bureaucracy, and give our district the opportunity to collaborate and create local solutions to local problems. We don't need Washington micromanaging our district, nobody knows better how to solve Texas problems than Texans do.


The United States Constitution is the founding document of our entire system of government, it is the supreme law of the land, and it is the greatest political achievement in the history of the world.


"Every vote I cast and every action I take when I am in government will be in accordance with the Constitution." Rob Roark




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