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Randy Stevenson


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In a true loss for conservative Texans, Randy Stevenson lost to Thomas Ratliff for the SBOE on May 29, 2012.

(Unofficial Election Results)

Member, State Board of Education, District 9
Thomas Ratliff REP 33,068 52.66% 71,444 52.09%
Randy Stevenson REP 29,720 47.33% 65,696 47.90%
----------- -----------
Race Total 62,788 137,140
Precincts Reported 723 of 723 Precincts 100.00%

TEAParty911.com's Founder, Michael Kinzie, Supports Randy Stevenson, Candidate for the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE)

Randy Stevenson for Texas SBOE - State Board of Education

Randy Stevenson
Republican for Texas State Board of Education (SBOE)

This is one candidate we simply must get elected.  The liberals have been able to find strong candidates to challenge every single one of our conservative candidates, and the SBOE districts have been "Gerrymandered" to make it harder for them to connect with constituents, especially voters who know and support them.  In addition, the unions are targeting our conservatives on the SBOE by providing money and support for their opponents.  The devil has been very busy trying to steal the hearts and minds of our children and grandchildren in Texas.

Randy served one term on the SBOE in the 1990s and fought the liberals side by side with some of our conservative friends who are fighting so hard for our values right now.  Randy did not run for re-election for his SBOE position because he was building his business.  But he supported Don McLeroy to take his place, and hopefully you know about the outstanding work of Don McLeroy while he was on the SBOE. 

The "Gerrymandering Committee," I mean the redistricting committee, has made it impossible for Don McLeroy to run for his old position.   The district lines have been drawn so that Don would be forced to compete with our dear friend Barbara Cargill who is the chairman of the SBOE.

Randy Stevenson is an investment counselor in Tyler. He helps people plan and invest for retirement.   He is very successful in his business.  He believes hard work and honesty pay off.  He says he bases his economic philosophy on Biblical principles, and he gives God the credit for his success.

TEAParty911.com supports Randy Stevenson without reservations, for this important position on the SBOE.  He is making a great personal sacrifice to do this important work because he is a patriot who loves Texas and the USA.  We are supporting him, and we will be working for his election.

God Bless Texas and God Bless the USA, and to God be the Glory.

~ Mary Lou & Anthony Bruner of TEAParty911.com

More at RandyStevenson.org

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Randy Stevenson on the Issues



Restore Conservative Leadership

I’m a conservative Republican who served on the State Board of Education (SBOE) for 4 years in the 90′s. When I served on the board there weren't any registered lobbyists elected. If our current board member Thomas Ratliff had the ability to represent the values of District 9 voters I wouldn't be running. It’s time to remove a registered lobbyist from office and restore conservative leadership to northeast Texas. Thomas Ratliff has clients who's interests directly conflict with the business of the SBOE and of the business of the children of Texas. Integrity must be restored for the sake of the education of our children.

Quality Curriculum

The primary role of the SBOE is to set the curriculum standards for the textbooks which will be used in our public schools. We have been blessed to have board members who fought against far left groups to ensure we had world class science, math, English, and history standards for our children. One of the biggest issues being tackled by the board during my term in office will be Sex Education. This is a subject I’m very familiar with as it was the biggest issue for east Texas when I defeated a Democrat back in the 90's. We must ensure that far left organizations do not have a voice in the SBOE, our children can’t afford it.

Vocational Training

The drop out rate in Texas in unacceptable. It’s an issue that must be addressed by education leaders across the state. We work with kids through high school but have set up a system that puts nearly everyone on a track to go to college or do nothing. We don't give them the option of preparing for a vocation while they’re still in high school. Empowering students to find a trade they're passionate about and become skilled in their work is something our education system desperately needs. Equipping our students to succeed even if they can’t go to college should be a priority. Our children can’t afford for it not to be.


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