Randy Brown

For Texas House District 132


Randy Brown for Texas House


2012 Election Info Archives

Randy Brown lost his race to incumbent Bill Callegari

(Unofficial Election Results)

State Representative District 132
Randy Brown REP 643 20.11% 1,325 20.51%
Bill Callegari - Incumbent REP 2,553 79.88% 5,134 79.48%
----------- -----------
Race Total 3,196 6,459
Precincts Reported 28 of 28 Precincts 100.00%

Randy Brown - Tea Party Candidate Supported for Texas House of Representatives in District 132 in the 2012 Elections

Randy Brown - Republican Candidate for the Texas House of Representatives in District 132

Randy Brown
Republican for Texas House of Representatives - District 132

Randy Brown is a constitutional conservative with three objectives if elected to the Texas House of Representatives.

1) Put an end to Washington-style cronyism in Austin.

2) To Limit Federal intrusion in our day-to-day lives.

3) Border protection.

Informed voters in Texas know that each of the items listed above is a major problem in Texas and TeaParty911.com is proud to support those with the courage to take on the tough issues like these. For Texans in House District 132, we encourage you to vet Randy Brown and then to vet the incumbent and decide for yourself which is the true conservative in the race for District 132 Texas Representative.

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Randy Brown Bio & Issues


Randy graduated from Katy High School in 1995.  He studied at the University of Houston before enlisting in the United States Navy.  After a medical discharge, he soon returned to the Katy area.  Since then, he has worked as the Director of the Pharmacy Technician Program at Medvance Institute as well as working in the Pharmacy for Texas Oncology for the past eight years.  Randy has never held any political office.  It’s through both frustration and inspiration caused by the current state of affairs that has compelled him to run against the current incumbent.  Randy has been married to his wife Allison for eleven years and they have two children, one six and one ten.

 Randy, along with many other like-minded individuals is part of Stampede2012, which is affiliated with RagingElephants.org

Above all, I want to limit Federal Intrusion in Texas’ day to day lives.  This can be done by strictly adhering to the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as well as the Texas Constitution.

If the Federal Government won’t protect our border, Texas needs to.  This can be done by incorporating as many resources as we can, or as many as the U.S. Supreme Court allows. 

The current tax-payer funded entitlements for Illegal Immigrants is not going to be sustainable.  Hospitals can’t afford the free treatments, tax-payers can’t afford to continue to pay for it.  This is an issue I will work hard to fix. 

A key component to my campaign is going to be restoring the power of government to the People.  Many of the politicians in Austin feel an entitlement to their elected position.  Once the ballots are cast, many don’t listen to what the people in their districts want to see and hear.  I pledge to listen to the constituents of 132 and bring back a true Representative culture shift.

I support taxing the people as little as possible.  In particular, placing limits on property tax and appraisal increases.

We need to reform the way our public school system operates.  As a parent of two elementary age children, I see the problems every day.  It’s time to let our teachers teach and not simply instruct them to continually prepare their students for the next standardized test.

I believe the only good government is a small government.



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