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For Texas House District 23


Rachel Delgado for Texas House


2012 Election Info Archives

Rachel Delgado fell short of Bill Wallace and is now out of the race for Texas Representative of District 23. Wallace now faces Wayne Faircloth in a runoff election on July 31, 2012.

(Unofficial Election Results)

State Representative District 23
Rachel Delgado REP 1,729 29.50% 3,054 29.75%
Wayne Faircloth REP 2,352 40.12% 3,963 38.60%
Wm. O. "Bill" Wallace REP 1,780 30.37% 3,248 31.64%
----------- -----------
Race Total 5,861 10,265
Precincts Reported 79 of 79 Precincts 100.00%

Rachel Delgado - Tea Party Candidate Supported for Texas House of Representatives in District 23 in the 2012 Elections

“Rachel Delgado is a patriot. She very knowledgeable of the issues facing Texans and has solid conservative solutions to those issues. Rachel Delgado is the only choice for conservatives in the Galveston area. I fully endorse Rachel Delgado in her bid for the Texas House of Representatives in District 23” ~ Michael Kinzie, TEAParty911.com Founder

Rachel Delgado - Republican Candidate for the Texas House of Representatives in District 23

Rachel (Pokluda) Delgado
Republican for Texas House of Representatives - District 23

Rachel Delgado is a well-known and well respected conservative activist in Texas and has the unwavering support of TeaParty911.com's founder, Michael Kinzie. Rachel is also backed by additional TEA Party groups including the Galveston County TEA Party and the Clear Lake TEA Party.

Delgado was galvanized into civic action when the Bush administration issued the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, in October 2008.  TARP effectively bailed out banks and provided cover for congressional meddling in the mortgage market.  Government’s ever expanding role and always-increasing bite of taxes into her family’s livelihood led her to begin taking an active interest in local, state and national affairs.   Delgado has served as Chairman of the Galveston County Tea Party, Inc. since its inception August 2010.

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Rachel Delgado Bio & Issues


Born in Texas City, a pipefitter’s daughter, and having grown up fishing and hunting in Galveston County, Rachel is committed to the success of her community. Delgado is a hardworking small business owner, the founder of the Galveston County TEA Party and a resident of Texas City, TX where she serves on a local municipal board.

She is especially aware of the importance of the petro-chemical industry, the Port of Galveston, and UTMB as the engines of the local economy. Ensuring our children receive the best education possible, the solvency of Texas Windstorm Insurance Agency and stopping federal overreach into Texas affairs are her deep concerns.

Delgado will work hard in the Texas Legislature to focus spending only on constitutional mandates, most importantly, education, health and human services and public safety. By implementing zero based budgeting, Texas can ensure tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently. Having spent significant time in Austin during the past legislative session attending committee hearings, she is very aware of the “Tax & Spend Bureaucrats” who seek to grow government and find more ways to access our wallets. A strong conservative, she advocates limited government, free market solutions, and keeping taxes low.

Rachel and her husband are raising four children in Texas City. They attend the Fellowship of Texas City.

Residents of Texas House District 23 including the City Of Galveston, La Marque, Texas City, San Leon, Bacliff, and Bolivar and the folks in Chambers County deserve to be represented by someone who lives in this district and will fight for their interests.

More information: 
Website: www.racheldelgado.com



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