Montgomery County Texas 2014 Elections

Candidate Endorsements & Recommendations


Montgomery County Texas 2014 Elections


Montgomery County Tea Party Introduces Unique Vetting Process

Montgomery County Texas Tea PartyMontgomery County, Texas – January 28, 2014 The Montgomery County Tea Party (MCTP) recently released its comprehensive candidate recommendations and endorsements for local, state, and federal races, as part of its overall education mission.

See Endorsements & recommendations of the Montgomery County Tea Party for the 2014 elections in Texas

MCTP President Pat Tibbs said, “Compared to many other vetting processes out there, ours is a very unique and completely transparent process. Our eight-person team of volunteers, headed up by professional recruiter and Vetting Committee Chair John Wertz, used their diverse skills and devoted over 2,000 hours (since mid-October) to thoroughly researching prospective candidates for upcoming Republican primary races.” Wertz said, “If you ask most candidates, they’ll agree that our interview process was the toughest and most thorough.”

Wertz also said, “With our MCTP Vote Smart System, which includes providing probing questionnaires and resulting comparative candidate answers, as well as video interviews, all online, we provide the most substantive information out there, allowing the public to confirm our decisions. Our selections are based on our true constitutional conservative values, and they reveal establishment candidates who don’t represent those true conservative values.”

Tibbs further said, “Our unique candidate interview process results were taken to a whole new level by new MCTP board chair Ken Vaughn, who was instrumental in designing the unique MCTP Vote Smart System.” Of the system, which uses the popular and easy to navigate Wiki-style format, Vaughn said, “It was important to support the objectiveness of our overall vetting process with factual information, which includes pros and cons of each candidate, in a concise format, so that voters can access the candidates’ in-depth answers to the vetting team’s questionnaires for each race and can review the videos of in-depth and professionally conducted candidate interviews.”

Tibbs indicated, “We’ve released our results all over Texas, as they have statewide implications.” Feedback from the MCTP vetting effort has been tremendous, as other conservative groups have been impressed and plan to use MCTP’s endorsement and recommendation information and videos to inform their own voters. In many cases, these other groups didn’t have the candidate access that MCTP had, because MCTP had already established itself with an evenhanded and transparent process that most of the candidates responded to.

MCTP meets the first and third Monday of every month. More information on meetings and on MCTP’s unique vetting process and candidate information can be found at

See Endorsements & recommendations of the Montgomery County Tea Party for the 2014 elections in Texas


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Tea Party Candidates supported candidates.

Tea Party 911 Supported Candidates

For Congress

Louie Gohmert - TX CD1

John Ratcliffe - TX CD4

Texas State

Greg Abbott - Governor

Dan Patrick - Lt. Governor

Ken Paxton - Attorney General

TX State Senate

Bob Hall - SD-2

Donna Campbell - SD-25

TX State House

Briscoe Cain - HD-128

Matt Krause - HD-93

Jonathan Stickland - HD-92



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