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for Texas House District 121


Matthew Beebe


Matt Beebe for Texas House District 121Matt Beebe
Republican Candidate for Texas House District 121

January 28, 2014

Matt Beebe, is the true conservative running to represent District 121 in the Texas House of Representatives. Matt is running in the Republican Primary to defeat the incumbent, Joe Straus.

Matt has a passion for conservative values. He believes strongly in limited government, fiscal responsibility, the rule of law, and having a respect for life. For Matt these are more than just talking points they are a part of who he is in everyday life.

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Matt Beebe on the Issues


Leadership – Not Compromise
Proverbs tells us “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

I believe that leadership requires a bold vision and a willingness to communicate and advocate for it.  If I’m privileged to serve you as your next Texas State Representative from House District 121, I promise to clearly articulate my policy positions and passionately advocate on behalf of the residents of District 121.

My opponent is proud of his record of compromising with Democrat legislators – calling it “bringing people together” and “respectful leadership”.  Unfortunately the results show that we’ve consistently seen many conservative priorities subtly chipped away at, and many issues fundamental to our Republican Party platform simply ignored.

I believe that it is essential that we work together to solve the challenges before us, but I do not agree that we should check our principles at the door and unilaterally disarm.  As your representative, I will fight for your values.

Fiscal Discipline
Bold leadership requires honest dialog. Texans deserve honesty and transparency, especially when it comes to balancing our tax burden against competing priorities. I will stand against the use of budget gimmicks and other games, and will not pretend the state budget is balanced when the jar is actually stuffed with IOU’s.

I proudly stand with Governor Perry and dozens of other conservative legislators by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, promising to avoid raising taxes on Texans – a pledge my opponent refuses to make.

Proper Role of Government
It is essential that we return to our founding roots and recognize that the government cannot and should not be the solution for every problem.  As a veteran, I have a profound respect for the government’s proper role of securing our God given rights, and I will consistently focus on ensuring that that role is not exceeded.  Likewise, I will seek to vigorously defend our state sovereignty against an ever-encroaching federal government. We must avoid expanding our state government simply because the federal government induces us with a return of our own hard-earned federal tax dollars, or the hard-earned dollars of the citizens of our fellow states.

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