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Mary Huls, Republican candidate for Texas House District 129 endorsed by

Posted November 16, 2013

“Mary Huls is a genuine conservative who is down to earth, extremely intelligent, and has a boatload of common sense. Mary is a person who realizes that compromise is one thing, but will not compromise her principles. I’ve known Mary for quite some time and I can say without a doubt that she is the one for the job as Representative of District 129. I fully endorse Mary Huls for the House of Representatives of HD-129 in the great state of Texas.” ~ Michael Kinzie, Founder

Mary Huls - Candidate for Texas House of RepresentativesMary Huls
Republican Candidate for Texas House District 129

Republican Mary Huls Officially Declares for Texas House, District 129

Endorsed by Statewide Conservative Leaders and Local Activists

Conservative activist and longtime Friendswood resident Mary Huls has officially declared her campaign for the Republican nomination for Texas State Representative in House District 129. Huls has received endorsements from key Texas conservative leaders including JoAnn Fleming (Executive Director, Grassroots America — We the People), Alice Linahan (Founder, Voices Empower), and Julie McCarty (President, NE Tarrant Tea Party).
The primary election for HD 129 will be held on March 4th, 2014 to replace State Rep. John Davis, who is retiring. HD 129 is comprised of southeast Harris County and includes Webster, Nassau Bay, Seabrook, and parts of Friendswood and Houston.
Mary Huls is a fiscal and pro-family conservative, who has dedicated the last few years to promoting government accountability and to being a grassroots leader. Huls has served as the chairman of the Clear Lake Tea Party (CLTP) — a position has stepped down from to focus on her campaign. Huls helped expose the IRS discrimination against tea party groups across the nation; Huls spearheaded the CLTP to partner with other pro-freedom groups to sue the IRS in a major lawsuit that is currently in litigation.
In officially announcing her candidacy, Mary Huls said, "Texas faces some substantial challenges from subsidizing Obamacare, to needing education reform, to securing our borders, to protecting free enterprise and property rights. We must choose leaders who will fight for our shared conservative values. The citizens in HD 129 know that I will be a passionate voice for life, for liberty, and for limited government. We must ensure our state has a strong and growing economy that provides equal opportunity for all Texans. As HD 129's representative, I will oppose any roadblocks that hinder a vibrant free market, economic growth, and competition."
JoAnn Fleming, in her endorsement of Huls, stated, "We desperately need conservative leaders like Mary Huls…She's smart. She's tough. She's a patriot. Mary Huls will never be 'for sale' to the special moneyed interests in Austin." Alice Linahan declared, "I am proud to endorse Mary Huls because I have not only worked with Mary within the trenches of the grassroots but because I consider her to be a woman with a true understanding of what it means to defend Texas and to give glory and praise to God for our many blessings."
Huls has also announced the support of area tea party organizations, activists, and Republican leaders. The Alvin Tea Party Patriots* affirmed that "Mary has worked tirelessly for legislation and for candidates that support limited constitutional government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility…all Texans would be well served with Mary in Austin." Harris County Precinct Chairman Erroll Ivery said Mary's "knowledge of the issues and command of the facts give her a decided advantage versus all challengers. Mary has spent the last few years in the trenches taking on liberals and Republican insiders; she can be trusted not to sellout once she goes to Austin." Harris County Republican Party Precinct Chairmen Malcolm West and Dale Huls have also endorsed Huls along with First Baptist Church of Seabrook's Pastor Rob Purdy.
Mary Huls worked for over 25 years as a senior financial analyst for research grants at West Virginia University, at Emory University, and at the University of Texas Medical Center. She currently serves as treasurer for the First Baptist Church of Seabrook. She is a life member of the Clear Lake Area Republicans. During the 2012 campaign cycle, Huls volunteered for the Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum campaigns.  After the 2012 primary, Huls went to Ohio and worked for the Romney-Ryan campaign.  Mary is married to Dale Huls, a NASA systems engineer, and she is a proud mother of two and a grandmother of five.


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Conservative Values for a Stronger Texas!

There comes a time when our words must become action — when we must stand for the principles of freedom we believe. Mary Huls has repeatedly taken action against government’s overreach and threats to our liberties. It’s time for Mary Huls to be our voice in Austin and to represent our shared conservative values!

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Conservative Beliefs
Mary is a fiscal and pro-family conservative. From serving as the chairman of the Clear Lake Tea Party, to overseeing citizen lobbyist trips to Austin, to organizing pro-liberty rallies throughout the state, Mary has dedicated the past five years of her life to promoting government accountability and to being a grassroots leader. When the IRS unfairly discriminated against tea party groups, Mary sued the IRS along with other pro-liberty activists. During the 2012 primaries, Mary served in key volunteer roles for Ted Cruz and for Rick Santorum. After the primary, Mary went to Ohio to work for the Romney-Ryan campaign. Mary is a lifetime NRA member, a former county coordinator for True the Vote, and a life member of the Clear Lake Area Republicans.

Mary, a longtime resident of Friendswood, is married to the love of her life, Dale Huls. She is a mother of two and a grandmother of five. Mary’s political views are inseparable from her family life. Mary grew up in a family of five with two loving parents, who always taught her that achievement requires hard work and dedication. Life was sometimes a challenge, as it is for all of us, but the love and support of God and family served as a bedrock for Mary. Whenever government overspends and enacts growth-stifling regulations, it is our families — our children — that pay the price in the long-run. As District 129′s representative, Mary will stand for personal responsibility and accountability…the very values that make our families strong and set up our children for success.

Mary and Dale are members of the First Baptist Church of Seabrook where Mary serves as the church’s treasurer. Mary’s faith greatly influences her political principles from protecting the sanctity of all life, to empowering individuals to prosper from their hard work, to ensuring that government always respects our unalienable rights as coming from God.

Professional Experience
Mary studied behavioral science at National Louis University. For over twenty-five years, she worked as a senior financial analyst at Emory University and at the University of Texas Medical Center before retiring.


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