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Ken Paxton - Candidate Supported by various TEA Party and conservative groups across the state for Texas Senate District 8 in the 2012 Elections

Ken Paxton for Texas SenateAs a Texas State Representative, Ken Paxton was named the most conservative Texas Legislator by the Young Conservatives of Texas during the 82nd Legislature. Ken’s 95% conservative rating earned him YCT’s top spot this year. Paxton has historically made the “A” honor roll on YCT’s ratings, earning a 90, 97, 96, 97, and 95 since he was first elected to the legislature in 2003.

Paxton consistently rates extremely high among conservative organizations such as his 100% rating in 2009 by the Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, a 100% rating in 2009 by the Heritage Alliance for his positions on social issues, and a 100% in 2009 by the Texas Eagle Forum. With ratings like these, it is hard to dispute that Ken Paxton is one of the most conservative Representatives in Texas.

Because of his high conservative ratings, honesty, integrity, and proven record of standing on principle rather than politics as demonstrated during the Texas House Speaker race,'s founder, Michael Kinzie, proudly supports Candidate Ken Paxton for Texas Senate in District 8.

Ken Paxton Endorsements for Texas Senate


Ken Paxton Press Release


For Immediate Release
September 20, 2011
Contact:  Sheacy Thompson 469/742-0100


(McKinney, Texas) - This morning, State Representative Ken Paxton announced his candidacy for the Texas State Senate.   This afternoon, demonstrating the strong support he enjoys across Dallas and Collin Counties, Paxton also released a list of more than 850 key endorsements secured across both counties.   

Paxton said, “I’m incredibly honored that so many people have agreed to help launch our campaign and humbled that so many individuals have honored me with their endorsement.   In less than twenty-four hours, we are off to an incredible start.”

A lifetime conservative Republican, Ken Paxton is currently serving as the State Representative for District 70, which consists of Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Prosper and Celina.   The new Senate District 8 now includes all or portions of Allen, Dallas, Lucas, Fairview, Frisco, McKinney, Murphy, Parker, Plano, Richardson, Sachse, St. Paul, and Wylie.

Representative Paxton stated, “I’m running because I believe it is my responsibility to reduce the size and scope of government and to protect individual freedom for all Texans.  If elected State Senator, I will continue to champion real taxpayer protections and promote government transparency. The key to increasing our freedoms in society is to minimize the role of government.  We must control government spending to reduce the burden on our citizens.”

First elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 2002, Representative Paxton has boasted legislation that supports taxpayers, families, and free enterprise.  Ken Paxton lives in McKinney with his wife, Angela, and their four children.  He is a graduate of Baylor University, where he earned a B.A. and an M.B.A. He then attended the University of Virginia School of Law, earning a J.D. degree in 1991.  After law school, Representative Paxton joined the firm of Strasburger & Price, L.L.P., in Dallas and later served as corporate counsel to JC Penney, Inc. in Plano.  Now in private practice near the downtown square in McKinney, Paxton specializes in estate planning, probate, real estate and business matters. A small businessman, he owns and operates a title company.


Texas Tea Approved!

Tea Party Supports the Texas 15
"Texas 15" Play Video

Tea Party Candidates Supported salutes the “Texas 15” who stood on principle rather than politics in House Speaker race. Even though Straus was re-elected to the position of Texas Speaker of the House, the Representatives in this video demonstrated the courage to stand firm in the face of overwhelming odds. The courage to stand on principle is exactly what the Tea Party is all about and it is for that very reason that many Tea Party groups across Texas support these men and women.

“In whatever arena of life one may meet the challenge of courage, whatever may be the sacrifices he faces if he follows his conscience – the loss of his friends, his fortune, his contentment, even the esteem of his fellow men – each man must decide for himself the course he will follow. The stories of past courage can define that ingredient – they can teach, they can offer hope, they can provide inspiration. But they cannot supply courage itself. For this each man must look into his own soul.” - from Profiles in Courage

Texas Conservative Digest 2011 Texas Legislative Endorsements for the 82nd Legislature:
Texas Senate: Senators Brian Birdwell and Dan Patrick
Texas House of Representatives: Leo Berman, Cindy Burkett, Erwin Cain, Wayne Christian, Dan Flynn, Phil King, Jodie Laubenberg, Jim Landtroop, Tan Parker, Ken Paxton, Charles Perry, David Simpson, Van Taylor, James White and Bill Zedler.


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