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Jessica Puente Bradshaw


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Jessica Puente Bradshaw announces candidacy for the US House of Representative for Texas District 34.

Jessica Puente Bradshaw Candidate for US Congress Texas District 34

Jessica Puente Bradshaw
Republican for US Congress - District 34

As a Tea Party member, Jessica ran for Congress in 2010 because she saw the need for men and women of integrity to rise up and reclaim our country in the name of the principles and precepts upon which this great national was founded. She is dedicated to individual liberty and recognizes that public servants are just that – servants of the people.

Jessica’s life work is not that of a career politician. Her involvement in politics is fueled by her desire to find solutions to problems, work with and serve the people in her community.

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Brownsville, Texas, December 17, 2011 - On Friday, December 16th, Jessica Puente Bradshaw formally announced her candidacy in newly formed U.S. Congressional District 34. 
Puente Bradshaw was born in Matamoros and raised in Brownsville.  She attended Immaculate Conception School, Russell Elementary, and Stell Middle School in Brownsville and South Texas High School for Heath Professions (a.k.a. Med High) in Mercedes.  Jessica has a consistent record of serving her community, including being a nurse assistant, an educator, teaching citizenship classes and middle school, and actively working to help immigrants buy their first homes. 
In the 2010 U.S Congressional race, Jessica won the Republican primary in Cameron County and was endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus and former U.S. Presidential Candidate, Dr. Alan Keyes.   
Puente Bradshaw believes her previous campaign experience will help her connect with voters. "One of the things that the 2010 campaign reinforced for me is that we can be overly focused on left versus right issues to the point where we lose sight of right versus wrong.  One of my goals as a 2012 candidate is to reach the voters who are looking for truth within the current left/right debate." 
Prior to announcing, Jessica met with hundreds of people in the district.  The economy and jobs were in the forefront of many people's minds.  To help the district's economy and create more opportunity, Jessica would "eliminate legislation that hurts small business owners, farmers, and entrepreneurs and actively encourage investments that build a sustainable economy that goes beyond shopping malls and roads."  Jessica advocates taking steps to curtail government spending.  "The government has been acting like a teenager with a credit card... there is always something to buy!  We must stop spending on projects that don't create lasting benefits and we must audit all remaining expenditures to eliminate fraud and waste." 
In her discussions with the people in the district, many echoed Jessica's sentiment that the border fence is an example of government waste.  According to Jessica, "the way both parties are handling border security is all wrong; by building a fence we've given farm land and the river to Mexico without solving a problem.  Our border agents are the ones that protect the border and the federal government won't even equip them properly!" 
As a first generation American, Jessica understands that people come to the United States for opportunity and freedom. She believes, "personal liberties and freedom go beyond party lines but constant and consistent legislation from both sides strips us of our freedoms."  Jessica affirms, "I will always use the principles and values, as outlined by the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights, as the measure for legislative decisions." 
U.S. Congressional District 34 includes all/or portions of Cameron, Hidalgo, Jim Wells, Kleberg, Willacy, San Patricio, Bee, DeWitt, Gonzales, Goliad, and Kenedy counties. 

Diana Rojas -  Friends of Liberty for Jessica Campaign Representative
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