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Jack Hoogendyk for US Congress


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Jack Hoogendyk for US Congress

Jack Hoogendyk
Republican for US Congress - Michigan

The grassroots Tea Party support that swept Richard Mourdock to a stunning upset victory over veteran Senator Richard Lugar is ready to strike again. Jack Hoogendyk, running against another experienced congressman, has received endorsements from every Tea Party leader in the 6th District.

The Tea Party made its first impression on the country in the 2010 wave election, when Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives and earned six more seats in the Senate. The Tea Party wave has grown to a virtual tsunami, as demonstrated by the 22 point victory for Mourdock over 36-year incumbent Dick Lugar in Indiana, the runoff election between "favorite" David Dewhurst in Texas with conservative Ted Cruz for the Senate seat, and the inspirational victory by Scott Walker in the Wisconsin recall election.

With the Tea Party Leadership fully behind him, Hoogendyk is looking for another upset victory in his race against longtime congressman Fred Upton, who Hoogendyk says has "lost touch with the conservative voters in his district". In fact at the recent (June) Twin Cities Patriots meeting in Benton Harbor a straw poll was taken and Hoogendyk received a unanimous vote of support.

The Tea Party leaders, and their endorsements, are as follows:

"I support Jack because he clearly sees that our path to prosperity starts with a strong belief in our Constitution."

Jim Lefler
V.P., Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots
Treasurer, VanKal Tea Party Patriots
Kalamazoo County GOP Executive Committee Member
Delegate, Michigan State GOP Convention

"I support Jack because he is consistently conservative, even when it is inconvenient to be so. His opponent is conveniently conservative when pressed to be consistent – Jack's principled conservatism would be an 'upturn for all of us."

Bill Beck
VanKal Tea Party Patriots (Van Buren/Kalamazoo)

"Jack Hoogendyk has my full and complete endorsement to be the Republican candidate for US Congressman from Michigan's District 6. It is far past the time when Mr. Upton should either retire or switch to the Democrat Party as the big government agenda is where Mr. Upton's voting record has revealed his true socialistideals."

Stephen Young
Immediate Past Chairman,
Allegan County TEA Party

"I am pleased to endorse Jack Hoogendyk for U.S. Congress; His historic conservative values, his principles and hard work ethic are at the core of our nations need, to continue our ability to achieve the American Dream."

Dan Groh
Acting Chairman,
Allegan County TEA Party

"Jack Hoogendyk is a real conservative who wants to limit Government and reduce taxes. He wants to help turn Michigan into a business friendly environment which will create jobs.  I know him to be true to his word and will be accountable to We the People. We have not seen that in a while."

Wally Berndt
Cass County 912 TEA Party Patriots

"The United States Constitution is the foundation on which all decisions will be made by Jack Hoogendyk when elected to represent the 6th District in Michigan. This is the kind of leadership needed in Washington D.C.. It's time for a change and Jack has my full support."

Sherry Williams
Southwest Michigan TEA Party Patriots, Twin Cities Group (Berrien County)

"Our founding fathers understood that an all powerful federal government was a danger to freedom and morality. They were so passionate about freedom they were willing to risk their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for it. Our current government leaders have allowed our federal government to continue to grow beyond the size and scope of what is was established and intended for in our Constitution. It has intruded into every aspect of our daily lives, from the light bulbs we use to how we educate our children. We need a leader in Congress that understands the value of American freedom and is willing to stand on our founding principles instead of engaging in political party games and tactics. In this race, that leader is clearly Jack Hoogendyk."

Cindy Gamrat
Plainwell Patriots (Allengan County)

"The momentum in this race is palpable," said Hoogendyk. The support is growing every day, and with the backing of the strong grass roots network of tea party activists, we are becoming ever more confident of a stunning victory on August 7."

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Jack Hoogendyk Bio


Jack Hoogendyk has been a long-time leader for core conservative principles. After serving as National Sales and Marketing Manager with a Fortune 500 company, Jack spent seven years as the Executive Director of a faith-based non-profit organization. In 2000, Jack ran for public office as a limited-government conservative. He was elected to the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners and in 2002, brought those beliefs to the state level as a representative in Michigan legislature.

During his six years as a state Representative, Jack distinguished himself as a solid conservative. He never voted for a tax increase and was twice named "most conservative" lawmaker in Michigan. He is known for introducing and fighting for key pieces of legislation, including TABOR (taxpayer bill of rights), right-to-work legislation, implementation of a part-time legislature, making English the official state language, and government transparency legislation, requiring all government agencies to post their budgets and spending online. He was one of only four lawmakers (out of 148) to vote against a $1.4 billion spending increase following a $1.5 billion tax increase, (which he also voted against).

In addition to his proactive fight for conservative values in the legislature, Jack has remained an active statesman at the grassroots level as well. Over the last several years he has provided strong support to citizen’s initiative measures, including ballot initiatives to prohibit partial-birth abortion, a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage, and the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative. More about Jack Hoogendyk.


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