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Heidi Thiess failed to make the cut for the runoff election slated for July 31, 2012 in Texas. Greg Bonnen and Ryan Sitton will face each other in the runoff election.

(Unofficial Election Results)

State Representative District 24
Greg Bonnen REP 4,538 45.49% 6,923 45.10%
Ryan Sitton REP 3,300 33.08% 5,014 32.66%
Heidi Thiess REP 2,137 21.42% 3,412 22.22%
----------- -----------
Race Total 9,975 15,349
Precincts Reported 65 of 65 Precincts 100.00%

Heidi Thiess - Tea Party Candidate Supported for Texas House District 24 in the 2012 Elections

Heidi ThiessHeidi Thiess
Republican Candidate for Texas House District 24

During the past few legislative sessions, our elected officials in Austin have openly bragged about balancing our state's budget. What they fail to tell the people about are the gimmicks and budgetary tricks they contrived to get around doing something that is not merely suggested, but is mandated by the Texas Constitution. Much like families all across our state who've had to tighten their belts, it's high time that our elected officials in Austin quit spending money that is NOT theirs and that we the taxpayers simply do not have. The bottom line is very simple: the more government spends and grows, the less we are free.

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Heidi Thiess for Texas House District 24


Heidi Thiess Press Release


Heidi Thiess announces candidacy for Texas House of Representatives in District 24

(GALVESTON COUNTY) – League City resident Heidi Thiess announced her candidacy today for the Texas House of Representatives in District 24. When elected, Thiess will fill the seat of current Rep. Larry Taylor, who has opted to run for the State Senate.

After graduating from high school at the age of 16, Thiess enlisted in the United States Army at age 17, where she served simultaneously in the Reserves and ROTC at Marquette University. She graduated from college cum laude at the age of 20 with a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs, a specialty in Soviet Politics, and a minor in Military Science. Upon being commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army, Thiess completed her Officer Basic Course and Airborne School, before being stationed overseas.

Thiess firmly believes her experience serving our nation has laid the foundation for stepping up to serve yet again. “My convictions and my character, my upbringing, leadership training, and life experiences all have brought me to this precise moment in time for this precise purpose”, said Thiess.

Thiess believes border security is a pivotal issue for Texans, as it has broad economic and national security implications. Through her involvement, Thiess has played an influential role in helping to sound the alarm of the tremendous impact illegal immigration has on Texas, and the Nation as a whole. Other legislative priorities for Thiess include a balanced state budget, minus the gimmicks used this past session, along with a sharp reduction in spending; reigning in entitlement programs; protecting and advancing consumer-driven healthcare; real education reform; protecting 2nd Amendment rights; and lessening government interference in business, to include sensible de-regulation and reduced taxation.

As a volunteer and activist, Thiess worked behind the scenes for candidates she believed should win, not merely those who the establishment predicted could win. Thiess is profoundly aware that once elected to the Texas House of Representatives, she will have to work to combat the dangerous decisions made when officials weaken in office.

“Republicans are supposed to be a bulwark against the onslaught of destructive liberal policies, but due to the lack of principled leadership during the past few legislative sessions, our elected officials utterly failed to provide the checks and balances intended by the great Founders of our Republic,” Thiess said.

Thiess is a former military officer, entrepreneur, campaign consultant, volunteer, missionary to Mexico, and most importantly, dedicated wife and mother. Thiess is supported in this campaign by her husband of 18 years, Andy, and together they have two children, Jonathan and Eden. When she is not working in her firearms business, Heidi is busy with consulting contracts, volunteerism in schools and community, and conservative activism. Thiess has also served in the role of precinct chair and state delegate and was instrumental in important Party resolutions concerning the election of Speaker of the House. She has earned the endorsement of many of the precinct chairs in the district as well as conservative grassroots organizations.

Thiess is convinced she is prepared to be the kind of principled leader needed in our Texas Legislature; bold, strategic and intense.

Thiess stated, “I am prepared and eager to once more be part of a mission greater than myself. I would be honored to be considered for the opportunity to serve my country once again.”


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