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Greg Parker


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Greg Parker won enough votes to force a runoff with incumbent Barry Smitherman for Railroad Commissioner (Unexpired Term). The runoff election date is set for July 31, 2012.

Congratulations Mr. Parker!

(Unofficial Election Results)

Railroad Commissioner - Unexpired Term
Al Lee REP 33,567 6.14% 72,505 6.48%
Elizabeth Murray-Kolb REP 113,401 20.77% 241,041 21.55%
Greg Parker REP 144,789 26.52% 310,357 27.74%
Barry Smitherman - Incumbent REP 254,178 46.55% 494,607 44.22%
----------- -----------
Race Total 545,935 1,118,510
Early Provisional Ballots Reported 345
Total Provisional Ballots Reported 1,796
Precincts Reported 8,779 of 8,779 Precincts 100.00%
Statewide Turnout 8.56% 13,065,425 Registered Voters Founder, Michael Kinzie announces his endorsement of Greg Parker for Texas Railroad Commissioner (Unexpired Term)
May 22, 2012

Greg Parker for Texas Railroad Commissioner Unexpired Term

Greg Parker
Republican for the Texas Railroad Commissioner Unexpired Term's founder, Michael Kinzie, has come out in support of Greg Parker for Texas Railroad Commissioner (Unexpired Term). Kinzie stated, “I know it’s late and early voting is well under way, but I received so many emails and phone calls asking about this race that I decided to go public with an endorsement of Greg Parker. Greg’s conservative credentials and first-hand knowledge of the oil and gas industry makes him the perfect choice for Railroad Commissioner.”

A University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll shows Parker with a substantial lead in the 4 way race against incumbent Barry Smitherman, Elizabeth Murray-Kolb, and Al Lee. Parker has amassed a great deal of TEA Party and grassroots support across Texas including Grassroots America We the People (GAWTP) out of Tyler, the Texas Patriots PAC, and numerous additional groups. Kinzie stated, “I know GAWTP and with JoAnn Fleming and company, they don’t just ‘give’ endorsements, you have to really earn their endorsement.”

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From Greg Parker


Commissioner Parker Endorsed or Recommended
By Tea Party Groups & Leaders From Around Texas! 

Dear Fellow Texan (Patriot),

Governor Rick Perry, during an appearance on the Greta Van Sustren Show (May 08, 2012), was asked about Tea Party backed candidate Richard Mourdock's win over long term GOP incumbent Richard Lugar, for one of Indiana's two Senate seats. Gov. Perry said, "People are really fed up."  Gov. Perry acknowledged that the Tea Party would be a driving force this election season, harkening back to the prominence of the Tea Party back in his last race in 2010.

I have proudly worn the badge of the Tea Party.  My incumbent opponent in the race, for the Railroad Commission, has failed the test of loyalty to our cause by chasing windmill dreams and introducing Smart Meters to each and every home.  Which would see Agenda 21 realized.

Despite the efforts of my opponent to re-brand himself as one of us and despite his efforts to sling political mud in this race the large and influential "Grassroots America We The People" organization has enthusiastically endorsed my candidacy. Grassroots America recognizes that my campaign, "...appears to be un-beholden to any special interest group or to the Austin political ruling class" something that my opponent is struggling to disconnect himself from. 

It is important that we stay on track and recognize the importance and the influence the Tea Party has.  Believe me, the political elite do, which is why Governor Perry acknowledged it on Fox news.  It is time to send the political elite in Texas a message.

I have stood with you, now I am asking you to stand with me. I am Tea Party strong and I am asking you for your vote. Below is a partial list of Tea Party and Grassroots endorsements and or recommendations from around the state; More are being added.  

Tea Party & Grassroots Leaders

Katrina Pierson, Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Board

Apostle Claver, Founder of Raging Elephants

Dawn King, President, Parker County TEA Party

Lynette McCracken, Vice-President, Parker County TEA Party

Tammy Blair, Co-Founder, Tyler Tea Party

Suezette Griffin, Founder/President, Pearland Tea Party.

Marie Howard, President, Boiling Point Tea Party

Eddie Gallegos, Co-Founder, Pearland Tea Party

George Rodriguez, President, San Antonio Tea Party

David Schumacher, Founder, Williamson County (WILCO) TEA Party.

Adrian Murray, President and Founder, Common Ground America

Jeff Akin, President, Texarkana Tea Party



Grassroots America We the People (Tyler, TX) 

Boiling Point Tea Party

Fort Worth 912 Project

NE Tarrant Tea Party

Kingwood Tea Party

Texas Patriot PAC

Pearland Tea Party

Bryan-College Station Tea Party

Eastern Hills Group (Garland - Dallas)

Conservative Coalition at Frisco Lakes




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Tea Party Candidates supported candidates.

Tea Party 911 Supported Candidates

For Congress

Louie Gohmert - TX CD1

John Ratcliffe - TX CD4

Texas State

Greg Abbott - Governor

Dan Patrick - Lt. Governor

Ken Paxton - Attorney General

TX State Senate

Bob Hall - SD-2

Donna Campbell - SD-25

TX State House

Briscoe Cain - HD-128

Matt Krause - HD-93

Jonathan Stickland - HD-92



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