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Giovanni Capriglione no longer supports Giovanni Capriglione and has withdrawn their endorsement.

Giovanni Capriglione is no longer endorsed by for the 2018 Texas Primary race for House District 98. Representative Capriglione has been quite a disappointment to many grassroots organizations that have supported him in the past.

Since taking office, it bacame apparent that the conservative "talk" from Rep. Capriglione was just that - talk. His voting record and support of establishment Representatives and candidates did not align with those of a true conservative.

As such, we no longer endorse Rep. Capriglione.

A note from Luke Macias:

Giovanni Capriglione is not the man he campaigned as in 2012. We are truly sorry to have been involved with electing him back then. Today he has a nearly identical record to the very opponent he ran against and called a liberal.

He changed. His voting record changed. His position on policy has changed.

We must hold politicians like Giovanni accountable. We are proud to be working alongside Armin Mizani for State Representative. Let's send a message to Austin Insiders that we don't tolerate sellouts.

To the voters of District 98, I'm sorry.

-Luke Macias

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2012 Election Info Archives

Giovanni Capriglione unseats Incumbent Representative Vicki Truitt! Congratulations Giovanni!

(Unofficial Election Results)

State Representative District 98
Giovanni Capriglione REP 4,167 57.22% 7,989 55.55%
Vicki Truitt - Incumbent REP 3,115 42.77% 6,392 44.44%
----------- -----------
Race Total 7,282 14,381
Precincts Reported 53 of 53 Precincts 100.00%

Giovanni Capriglione for Texas House District 98

Giovanni Capriglione
Republican for the Texas House of Representatives - District 98

Giovanni Capriglione is no longer supported by






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