Dr. Donna Campbell

For Texas Senate District 25


Dr. Donna Campbell


2012 Election Info Archives

Dr. Donna Campbell now set to face Incumbent Senator Jeff Wentworth in a runoff election! Congratulations Dr. Campbell!

(Unofficial Election Results)

State Senator, District 25
Elizabeth Ames Jones REP 12,731 32.35% 23,075 30.53%
Donna Campbell REP 12,616 32.06% 25,458 33.68%
Jeff Wentworth - Incumbent REP 13,999 35.57% 27,040 35.77%
----------- -----------
Race Total 39,346 75,573
Precincts Reported 316 of 316 Precincts 100.00%

Dr. Donna Campbell - Tea Party 911 Candidate Supported for Texas Senate District 25 in the 2012 Elections

Dr. Donna Campbell for Texas Senate District 25

Donna Campbell
Republican for Texas Senate - District 25

TEAParty911.com's founder, Michael Kinzie, has come out in support of Dr. Donna Campbell in her bid for the Texas State Senate in District 25, and the reasons are overwhelmingly obvious. Donna Campbell is a true grassroots conservative who is a firm believer in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

Donna knows that taxation, litigation, and regulation are the primary factors for our disastrous state of the economy and will fight on the behalf of Texans to loosen the government stranglehold that has been killing jobs here in Texas.

Dr. Campbell is 100% Pro-Life and has received endorsements from the Texas Right to Life PAC and the Texas Alliance for Life. As a double-board certified physician, Dr. Campbell will lead the charge in Texas against the government over-reach of Obamacare.
Constitutional teacher Rick Green and Texas Eagle Forum leader Cathie Adams have also endorsed Dr. Donna Campbell for Texas Senate.

We invite TEA Party and all grassroots organizations to stand with Dr. Campbell and help her become the next Texas Senator for District 25!

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Donna Garner Endorses Dr. Campbell for Texas Senate



Donna Campbell Bio


Dr. Donna Campbell is a proud conservative who has spent a lifetime helping others through medicine and Christian ministry. She is a double-board certified physician, working mom, woman of faith, and proud parent of four daughters.

Donna Campbell was born on a naval base in San Diego and grew up with a great respect for the military and law enforcement. Her father served in the U.S. Navy and later as a trooper in the highway patrol in Oklahoma. Her mother worked in factories most of her life until becoming an R.N. at the age of 48.

Donna earned her Masters of Nursing from Texas Women's College, specializing in cardiovascular clinical nursing and nursing administration. She received her M.D. from Texas Tech University and completed her residency at the University of Texas Medical Center in Houston. She was awarded the prestigious Morton Award as an outstanding resident in ophthalmology at the Hermann Eye Center.

Donna has served as the medical director for Columbus Community Hospital and currently works for the third largest emergency medicine group in the country. She has  performed hundreds of eye surgeries in Ghana, West Africa, volunteering her talents to the Christian Eye Ministry, an organization which has brought sight back to thousands in Africa.

Dr. Campbell is an advocate for conservative causes and has spoken at churches and tea parties around the country, demonstrating a reverence for the founding principles of this nation. She spoke at the first Doctor's Tea Party Convention in San Diego. She often carries a copy of the Constitution with her and has appeared on numerous talk shows.

In 2010, Donna Campbell surprised the political establishment by giving Austin Democrat and 8-term incumbent Lloyd Doggett "the fight of his political career" according to Texas Monthly. She secured the Republican nomination with 69% of the vote in that primary contest.

Donna and her husband Stan currently reside in New Braunfels with their youngest daughter. Dr. Campbell is a member of the Texas Medical Association, the American Academy of Physician Specialists, the National Rifle Association, the Texas State Rifle Association, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She possesses the rare qualities of a leader and will make a great Texas Senator.


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