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Barlow vs. Thornberry


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Barlow vs. Thornberry is a race to watch now that Thornberry attempted to legalize government propaganda. The two face off in the Republican primary for US Congress in the 13th District of Texas.
May 22, 2012 by Donald Mellon

The Republican primary election for District 13 in far West Texas probably would not have received much attention elsewhere except for a bizarre incident involving legislation introduced by the 18 year incumbent Mac Thornberry. This legislation would overturn current law outlawing the use of propaganda on Americans by the military and State Department. Shortly after World War II congress passed legislation outlawing this type of propaganda on Americans after seeing how effectively it was used by the Nazi war machine. Since then we thankfully have been protected from misleading information in the form of propaganda from our military or State Department.

Using new media as an excuse Mr. Thornberry co-sponsored an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill that would repeal this ban and then when it came to a vote, he voted against it as did a large majority of other Congressmen. These actions, first proposing something no citizen could desire and then voting against your own proposal has no doubt brought attention to his primary opponent and made this a race to watch.

Thornberry's opponent, gaining support, is Dr. Pam Barlow. Pam is a Christian, conservative, retired military Lt. Col., local business owner, and is committed to term limits say her supporters. She has executive experience from her 31 years as an officer in the US Army reaching the rank of Lt. Colonel. She received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M in 1979. She also graduated from Texas A&M with BS degrees in related subjects Magna cum laude in 1975 and cum laude in 1977. No doubt she is a formidable opponent and has considerable Tea Party support.

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Thornberry ~ An 18 Year Incumbent

U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry has been our Congressman for 18 years and I appreciate his service to our country. But through those years Mac has become a career politician who has put the interests of big government ahead of the interests of the people of his district. Eighteen years is too long to serve in Congress, and Mac agreed with that when he first ran for office. He promised by signing the Contract With America that he believed in term limits, but instead he went to Washington and became a part of the problem. Remember TARP? Remember ALL the Debt Limit Ceiling increases over the years without real cost-cutting offsets? He forgot the people back home. And he forgot his promise to actually be a citizen legislator. Now it is time to tell Mac that enough is enough.

Dr. Pamela Barlow ~ What You See, Is What You Get

I am an unashamed Conservative with a loud voice and some rock solid core values. I spent 31 years in the Army serving this country, and I don't mind fighting for the American Values of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and of our Founding Fathers. I am not for sale, and I'm hard to bully. And, as a Retired Lieutenant Colonel, I'm NO Wallflower either. I'm certainly not perfect, but who among us is? And I've made my fair share of mistakes in my life, too --- haven't you? But I know the difference between right and wrong, and I don't do politically correct. I think it is important to speak the TRUTH as kindly as possible, and let the chips fall wherever they may. I learned a long time ago that I can't and won't make everyone happy --- like the 40% of the population that always votes Democrat --- so I don't try.


If I am elected to serve, I would NOT be thinking about re-election. In fact, I signed the U.S. Term Limits Amendment Pledge on 12 Sept 2011. I will volunteer FOUR YEARS to serve in Congress, and then I will campaign and work to help you replace me with some other worthy Conservative individual. I love my home, my farm, my business, my church, my town, and my state. But I love America, too, and I know that if we lose the Freedom, Liberty, and Opportunity of this country that we so often take for granted, then I stand to lose all the other things that I love as well. I would be dedicated to restoring, preserving, and protecting American Values, and then getting back home where I belong.




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