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  • Swan Song2

    Swan Song

    The dietary requirement of swans does not include herring, yet I intend to expose a few red ones in this article.  First, l commend my fellow Tea Party 911 writers.  This is a nearly thankless task and a constant struggle to extend our reach beyond …

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  • ISIL In US1

    Sur-prise! Sur-prise!

    You need to read the title with a Gomer Pile accent to get where we are going with this piece.  The picture introducing this article was emailed to me by a friend.  The image is of an ISIS jihadist placing an order at a Jason’s …

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  • Half Measures1

    Another Victory for Moderates

    No, I am not talking about the latest Tea Party primary loss, although we know how to reverse this trend.  David Brat’s defeat of Eric Cantor proved that the right message and hard work on the ground by local activists can defeat even a well …

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  • Border 4

    Race Baiters Make Appeal to Low Information Voters

    In an election year delivered to Republicans and tied up neatly with a bow, what else could we expect?  The mass of illegal entrants at the border is not a shock to this administration.  It is a plan well executed.  I know, we are supposed …

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  • Sterling Bundy2

    People or Principles

    It must be human nature which causes us to support a person when we mean to support a principle.  Writers encourage this because without readers the whole exercise of writing is rather pointless.  Readers encourage it too because, in all honesty, there is a lot …

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  • Breitbart Obama Golf

    The First Libertarian President

    There is little about our current President which is libertarian.  Using the mechanisms of the state to punish political enemies, rewarding political allies with contracts and gifts from the treasury, the affinity for “public-private partnerships,” and “Crony-Capitalism,” are all hallmarks of fascism, not libertarianism.  However, …

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  • Putin Riding A Bear 3

    Crimea River

    Yes, there is a Crimea River on the Crimean Peninsula whose head waters are north of Yalta and just the other side of the Mickey Mountains.  However the title is intended to be a reference to a song too old for many to remember.  Sadly …

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  • E Voting 11

    The Twenty-first Century Comes to Wood County, Texas

    The twenty-first century comes to Wood County – at least that is how it is being sold.  The old paper ballot is giving way to electronic voting.  This article is not some nostalgic piece about how the lumber jack is becoming an endangered species, nor …

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  • 375px Grahams Hierarchy Of Disagreement1.svg 1

    Tea Party Toolbox

    There is some immediate gratification which comes from telling a verbal bomb thrower that they are nothing more than “scum sucking, name calling bottom feeders.”  As accurate as the statement may be, it is tragically illustrative of the very behavior that prompted you to make …

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  • Poster Economic Inequality1

    The Case for Inequality

    According to the professional hand wringers on the left, America has a crisis of inequality.  It’s a big deal.  Some people have more stuff than others.  This drives the left crazy.  Truly they are so close they need not be driven; they could walk from …

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