Another Victory for Moderates


No, I am not talking about the latest Tea Party primary loss, although we know how to reverse this trend.  David Brat’s defeat of Eric Cantor proved that the right message and hard work on the ground by local activists can defeat even a well funded Republican with great name recognition and a relatively high conservative rating.  But these victories and losses do not inspire me to write much anymore.

Warning conservative voters about how Democrats plan to use all the money Obama is raising to mitigate losses in 2014 no longer inspires me either.  Our problems are much graver than that.  I have rung this bell till my ears bled.  If you were one of the few who were listening, your ears were bleeding too.  We have ceded too much ground – squandered too much money – educated too few.  I no longer have any faith that an electorate – which elected Obama twice – ignored or defended his propensity for the most obvious of lies – seems deaf, dumb and blind to a world disintegrating around them, will ever reverse its downward trajectory.  As a people we are too stupid.

We have all received emails of secondary school entrance tests from the early 1900’s.  None of us, myself included, are capable of passing these tests.  They are not riddled with questions about buggy whips and corset stays.  These tests were geared for a more erudite population, one which benefitted from education which served them.  Today, no young person can conceive of life without a college degree, yet no one graduating from college today can pass these tests either.  The cost of today’s college education is exorbitant and the benefit, if any, is minimal.  We do not know our language, our history, our constitution, or the Founders’ vision for this country.  Today’s 12 year old can lecture you endlessly on the myth of “global warming,” but when asked what they know about Benghazi will ask, “Who’s that?”

Here’s a question for the 12 year old: You are laying out by the pool on a 97 degree day.  You are listening to vile rap music disparage anyone and everything.  You are reading a sleazy romance novel way too graphic for your years and too vapid to be of interest to anyone mature enough to understand it.  You have in your hand a 32 ounce Big Gulp which we all know greedy capitalists have loaded with ice to pad their own ill gotten profits.  How fast do you have to drink the soda to keep the melting ice from overflowing the environment-crushing Styrofoam cup?

Time’s up.  You can take the soda home with you hot if you wish.  The melting ice will never overflow the cup. Because of the gases trapped within, the ice takes up more space than the water it becomes.  As the ice melts, it loses volume.  It cannot overflow the cup. Guess what?  The same thing happens in the ocean.  Any iceberg, or any sea ice for that matter, can melt without raising sea levels a whit, or a “smidgen” as your President loves to say.  The Arctic has no land mass below it and can melt with impunity.  The Antarctic is land mass covered with ice over a mile thick in some places we are warned.  But the area of the seventh continent is only 3% of the surface of the oceans.  Even if we melt the whole thing, the impact on sea levels will threaten the people of Seattle little more than the residents of Denver.  Global warming enthusiasts promised us that the oceans would over run the coastal cities before the ‘90’s were up.  With the exception of Venice, Italy, where has this occurred?

The warming we occasionally experience is more a product of sun activity than son activity.  Ice coverage of Antarctica is at its highest level since records have been kept (about 45 years).  This means by reversing the formulas used by global warming enthusiasts, sea levels should have dropped so much that residents of Miami should be able to walk to Havana.  Global warming enthusiasts fear that “evidence of increasing Antarctic ice may fuel anti global warming sentiments” – sign me up for that.  We are in the middle of one of the coolest summers on record and there has been no warming recorded in over a decade.  So they change the name to “climate change.”  Guess what, the climate changes every year in every location I have ever lived.  Some years are wetter, some are drier, some are hotter, some are cooler.  The big news is – climate changes; it always has.

All of this is to say, we have been too stupid for too long – we most likely are beyond redemption.

Oh! By the way – the vast sums of money Obama has been raising while the rest of the world goes to hell in a hand basket is not going to be used to appeal to the hearts and minds of a malleable American public; it will be used to transport the mindless to the polls and to corrupt what election processes it can.  2014 will turn on turnout and vigilance.

But I am not writing on any of this today.  I am writing to ring the bell one more time.  Hold your ears.  Mine are bleeding already. I am writing to warn of the latest victory for moderates.  The Middle East is literally coming apart.  It is not my contention that Hamas or ISIL are a bunch of moderates.  It is my contention that they have come to power through the feckless intervention of moderates. These are serious existential threats to Israel, to the U.S., to western civilization or to any civilization for that matter.  It is the constant restraint of moderates which has kept more observant people from dealing with this threat appropriately.  Because of the pusillanimous leadership we have chosen, all threats are dealt with in half measures.  Because of the obsession by many to have a President in the White House who is of a certain hue, hundreds of thousands of Christians have died.  Presidents are decision makers, not Easter eggs.  The color does not matter; the values and intellect do.  The election of the first black President should be a point of pride for black Americans, but his failure at all levels of governance is so complete that it can only be a source of embarrassment. Historians will be tempted to hail all his activities a success just because he is the first black President.  But if we label as good all the bad things this President has done, how can we expect successive generations to be able to distinguish good from bad.  The next obsession will be genitalia.  But the gender of our leaders does not matter either.  Give me Maggie Thatcher, but spare me Hillary Clinton.

Only a stupid people could be so incapable of focusing at such a critical time.  In Mosul, Christians are being crucified in town squares. CRUCIFIED!  Children of Christian families are being beheaded and their heads displayed on stakes in what was recently considered a family park.  Children BEHEADED!  What is the half measure between a happy child and one with his head on a stick?  What is the moderate position on this?  I would love to hear the isolationist’s argument that makes this none of our concern.  What does it take to make this country wakeup?  And what do you expect the moderate Muslim of Mosul is doing right now?  He is picking through the belongings of his former Christian neighbor to see if he can find that tea cosy his wife always admired.  After all, someone is going to get it.  Why do we venerate moderation?  Do you get it?

For years on the Tea Party 911 website and also in the Sentinel I have tried to shed light on these issues.  I appreciate the few encouraging comments I received on these subjects.  I violated Sentinel editorial standards against sensationalism to bring you pictures of what was happening to Coptic Christians in Egypt.  I will not duplicate that here; the images are too graphic.  Those interested can checkout Catholic Online at  At that time I called for Christians throughout the Middle East to be airlifted out if necessary and given safe haven in this or other sympathetic countries.  I made the same point about Catholics and Greek Orthodox in Syria.  Many said I was being hyperbolic.  Now 40,000 Christians are stranded on a mountain top while our President drops them “humanitarian aid” in the form of MRE’s – happy meals.  I suppose they can eat a sandwich while watching uncle Farrukh get beheaded.  If you can drop a bologna sandwich you can drop an AR 15.  God gave the antelope horns to protect itself. Surely these people deserve no less.  The roads ISIL is using should be turned into highways of death such as was seen by Iraqi troops during the first Gulf war.  This is no time for half measures.  This is no time for moderation.

The President, in his arrogance, only months ago, referred to ISIL as “the junior varsity.”  Yet this junior varsity is currently fighting on five fronts and our commander in chief is reluctant to confront them in any meaningful way on a single front.  So if ISIL is the junior varsity, what are we, a pee wee league?  ISIL has promised to raise the Islamic flag over the White House.  The “L” in ISIL stands for Levant, which roughly describes the geography of previous caliphates.  This is a serious threat.  We cannot continue to underestimate this organization and expect to prevail.  Failure to take Hitler seriously early on led directly to World War II.  As Islamists across the region race furiously to produce nuclear weapons it is time to dust ours off.  Once again I will be accused of being hyperbolic, but just as Indiana Jones raced to stay ahead of the ball, I am struggling to keep ahead of this issue.  If you think I am being hyperbolic, as you may have thought I was in the past, it could be you are just once again way behind on this issue.  In a nuclear exchange, you don’t want to be the second to launch.  The next President in 2016, if there is an America in 2016, had better be determined to put the talons back on the eagle.  Congress too must be so driven.  Otherwise you ladies may wish to take the rest of the summer to shop for burqas; maybe some of you men too.

In World War II, Americans put aside their considerable differences and defeated evil with no exit strategy beyond victory.  Maybe it won’t be so bad when ISIL comes to your neighborhood.  Perhaps, as a way to honor your family, ISIL will place your head on a stick next to your child’s head and your grandchild’s head.  But don’t count on it.  They are really just not that nice.  Man up.  Get busy. Innocents are dying while Obama vacations at Martha’s Vineyard.  Send this article to your concerned friends, and your Representative and Senator.

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