America in Distress


By Ray Myers–

 It is time to take a stand and make a statement—It is time to, “Wake Up America!” After a full day of research and discussions with a former Assistant Attorney General, a decorated Vietnam Veteran and most of my neighbors– I have decided to fly my American Flag” Up Side Down” until the Obama Administration is cleaned out and -GONE!

I have not received a negative reaction from this proposal from anyone. In addition, I have contacted several prominent Tea Party Leaders to obtain their advice– All say full steam ahead! OK — that is what I am going to do. I am asking — if any of you feel the same way — join me and let’s make a statement–I vow to fly the American Flag in it’s rightful position on four Patriotic occasions, Memorial Day, Flag Day and the Fourth of July, and Veterans Day– otherwise the Flag will be upside down. See the post below– you can Google for yourself– It is not a sign, gesture or signal of disrespect. It is a sign that our country is in distress– See my notes.

It is Time to Wake Up America.

Flying the U.S. Flag Upside Down Mean


The only federally permissible reason to fly the American flag upside down is as a signal of distress. This distress is defined as being extreme danger to life and property. The most common use of this as a signal has been among sailors in distress to signal passing ships; however, this has become more infrequently used in light of modern communications technology.

Benefits:–Check this out:

This is interesting:

The benefit to flying the flag upside down is that it is an effective means of non-verbal communication, since it elicits curiosity from those that see it. By drawing attention to the flag, the flag owner is able to transmit a message and generate a response in situations where other forms of communications may not be possible.


This should tell the story—Yes – it is response to the policies of this tyrannical government– he is following in Hitler’s footsteps. We must take action because– the majority of THE PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY ARE ASLEEP and we must do something to get their attention– It is about time:

We won’t turn it over until Obama is GONE!!!!!!!

Last but not least:

Some people have taken to flying an upside flag as a means of protesting something. This protest can be in response to an election, a government policy, or any issue that the flag owner feels strongly about. Although this is not “distress” as defined in the laws relating to the display of the flag, it is not illegal to display it in this manner.

In closing– President Obama is dismantling our Military, thus causing our country to be in a weakened state. This is a danger to our Nation and its Citizens. His dealing with the Muslim brotherhood– (those whose goal is to kill Americans) is a direct danger to our citizens and our military. It is obvious to me and others who have served under our Flag that this President and his administration are directly causing a danger under Title 36- Chapter 10 of the Flag Code. This President has disrespected our Country, embarrassed the Nation, its Citizens and has placed our Citizens in a state of danger.

In addition — he has disrespected our Nations Motto–” In God We Trust!” He has eroded the very foundation of our Judeo Christian values through his non-support of our Traditional Religious Values. He has refused to place his hand over his heart during Patriotic ceremonies. He has honored individuals who hate America and who have also committed criminal acts against our Nation and our Flag. I personally believe that he is doing everything possible to destroy America.

Personally– I would never disrespect “Old Glory.” It is my flag and I honor her meaning, her history and her solemn tradition. I truly believe that our Nation is in Distress, the property of our Citizens is at risk and the lives of our people are in danger.

The purpose of the inverted American Flag is a distress call for our citizens to “Wake Up” and save our America. We all want our country to survive for our children, grandchildren and generations yet to be born. God has blessed this Nation and caused America to be the land of the Free and the home of the Brave. I respectfully ask that all who agree to join me in the plea to save our Nation.

Obama: No Hand on Heart for National Anthem.

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